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                                                                     Standing Stone's
Dolmen to the Well Entranceway)
                                               (Sacred Female Genitalia)

   Sacred architecture consistently seems to show two standing upright pillars between which worshippers must pass through before they
can enter into a holy sacred inner chamber. And when within, they usually are cleansed with sacred water for their purification at a nave or
well. They remove the external of the outside world and ritualistically are 'born again', even if this ceremony takes place in a darkened cave.

   The most sacred and original Temple, the Lord's Tabernacle and Solomon's Temple later on, showed this archetype and template,  (SEE
Kabala and Chartres) as well as heathen temples such as Stonehenge and many others. So what are these sacred structures representing ?
What is the holiest of all creations ever made ? What is the most advanced and most highly technological structure ever designed ? What is
the ultimate Temple ? The answer is simple it is .... us. We, humans created by the Hand of God, are the ultimate creation of God because
we are made '
In His Image' In scriptures, it says we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Know ye not that ye are the Temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
If any man defile the Temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the Temple of God is holy,
Which temple ye are. (I Corinthinians 3: 16-17)

   And the Holy Spirit is not male but female, even if the patriarchy has changed 'she' into a 'he', to further try and support their oppression
of equality among the Lord's people. (SEE
Equality not Patriarchy and Feminine Holy Spirit ). So we can't be ashamed of what the Lord
created and sexuality, as it was created by the Lord (SEE
Jesus created Sex). And His first commandment was to 'Be fruitful and mulitply',
which as most of us know means we would have to have sex or make love. Even the female genitalia, itself is a reflection of this truth and
shows the template of multiplication... as it forms a 'Vesica Pisces' These two concave curves, of two intersecting circles, producing all
shapes and creations as demonstrated and shown in the study of sacred geometry. (SEE
Sacred Geometry and Music).And as the word
Pisces denotes, within her sacred member of creation is a well of water, as pisces represents 'fish' (SEE
Christian Fish symbol)

   So don't be shocked that the Lord's ultimate Temple is the female body. (Also
Consider Lord's Temple is Human and Sexual ) for it is and
was, designed by Him for creativity and even healing and rebirth. And so let's now consider its biology. For iif you didn't know it, her
nerves aren't just centered around her clitoris, but extend down the sides of the labia, and enlarge just as the male dual pillars that compose
his phallus, PILLAR. (SEE
Jachin and Boaz Pillars) He and she being exactly the same but different. His glands (head) being the central
pillar, her clitoris being her central pillar above and connecting her two side pillars. (SEE Graphics below ...)

Worshippers who can pass through her gates, her entranceway
into the divine, can then receive her healing balm, and purifying
water, as most temples have a NAVE or WELL or CAVE from which
worshippers are immersed or covered.

Jesus had a wife,
Mary Magdalene, who he loved dearly.... and
she literally annointed him with oil before his death and rebirth. just
as she annointed him with her love sexually.This being one of the rea-
sons, why her name is so connected with holy sites of healing and
the annointing of sacred water or juices..

For there is literal healing in the waters of sexuality, as so many
have found out. Sex is much more than mere pleasure or mere repro-
duction but it can have a healing effect on our minds and hearts as
well as strengthening our bodies. And yet the parallel in the physical,
within sacred temples and sacred springs of water can and has healed thousands such as at Lourdes and other places around the world. They
being not symbolic of Mary but of the Lord's healing Feminine Holy Spirit.. (Consider also
Lord's Temple Architecture and Sacred Sex)

According to His Holy Temple Plans in my opinion ......