David Jay Jordan

Moses, Elijah & Ezekiel’s Bodies & Bones
            (Spiritual Bodies)

When JESUS went up unto the Mount and was transfigured before Peter, James and John
into His Real Spiritual Body, He was seen talking with both MOSES and ELIJAH. (
Mathew 17 ).  But they appeared like Him, and supernaturally disappeared into thin air,
once the LORD transformed back to his normal earthly appearance. So from all accounts, it
seems these two great men of God from the past, actually had some form of magnificent
spiritual body before the RAPTURE, while the rest of us whether dead or living,
will just have to wait to receive ours.

But these two, MOSES and ELIJAH still looked like Moses and Elijah, because the three
apostles somehow recognized them. But wait a minute, these two prophets of God werenâ
€™t buried?  They didn’t rise from the grave? They didn’t appear out of mid-air…..
for both of them had already been received by the Lord in their earthly bodies.

Elijah was taken directly by the Lord via a Chariot of Fire in a literal whirlwind. ( 2 Kings 2:
11 ) Elijah didn’t die…. just as Enoch, the prophet didn’t die but was taken by the
Lord, totally as he was in his original body. Yet with Moses, he did die. For Moses died in
Moab and was buried there ( Deut 34 : 5) as the Lord didn’t allow him into the Promised
Land  but he was only allowed to view it from  Mount Nebo   ( See
Ark & Tabernacle )

Yet in Jude, it says that ‘Michael the archangel when contending with the devil, he
disputed about (or fought for)  the body of Moses (in the grave), (and Michael) durst not
bring against him a railing accusation, but said the LORD rebuke thee. (Jude 9). So again,
the body or bones of Moses was important and so important that the great Archangel of the
Lord, MICHAEL, fought the devil for it and won.

For with this body or the original DNA, of Moses Design by the Lord and it’s very
unique and special individuality or with his BONES, the Lord could then again breathe the
Breath of Life into Moses and create His Spiritual Body just like His physical body because
they would be the same. For isn’t this what the Lord showed Ezekiel in the valley of the

“��O ye dry bones, hear the WORD of the Lord. Thus saith the Lord God, unto
these bones: Behold I will cause breath to enter unto you and ye shall live: And I will lay
sinews upon you and will bring up flesh upon you and cover you with skin and put breath in
you and ye shall live, and ye shall KNOW that I am the Lord.����� (Ezekiel
37: 5, 6)

For even though this is talking about our ENDTIME exceeding great army (Ezekiel 37:10
and Joel 2) lead by David our king (verse 22), who brings us hope in the face of our dried up
desolation and isolation, it is also talking about the Lord’s ability to literally put flesh
back onto his people’s bones. For there is nothing impossible for the Lord.

For isn’t this why, the children of God made sure they took such good care of the bones
of Joseph and the bones of their father Jacob and made sure they were properly buried
back in their own land. Isn’t this why, the Lord blessed Tobit so much in burying his
countrymen that were slain in the streets, even at the threat of death by the evil rulers of
the land. (Tobit ,Apocrypha). Isn’t this why, it is a Jewish and Christian custom to
properly bury the dead rather than incinerate their bodies?

Aren’t our very bones important? So the Lord can once again make us shine, like never
before with our new SPIRITUAL BODIES, that look similar to our original ones. For unlike
the faceless hordes in hell, that are unrecognizable, we shall recognize one another and
recognize HIM, when we are all together in the END.

Love in our Creator,

Jay     ( Jordan )
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