Spiral Dance of Creation and Love

 This dance has been around for centuries as it has the power to focus the energies, emotions and hearts of those
taking part in a ritual or dance that actually relates to the real physical and spiritual realms. This is why it has
POWER. For rather than individuals dancing on their own in their own individualistic way, this dance brings
everyone together in unison of heart and mind and bodies.....

  To start all join hands, hopefully having alternate male and female participants, but rather than facing inwards
they all start by facing outwards away from each other. They circle to the left, counterclockwise, or counter to the
sun's movement. Then the leader let's go with her/or his left hand and spirals slowly towards the center. This
correlates to an inward death or de-materialization spiral even though the dancers may not be aware of its real
meaning. For surely those in the past didn't realize that this exact spiralling down into the vortex is exactly how
matter dematerializes whether sub-atomic particles or people. This pathway symbolizes this type of death into
the spiritual vortex or center,

Yet after reaching the central focus and point that can only represent the Lord of Lords and Creator of All
Universes, the leader then reverses direction , going then in a clock-wise, sun-wise direction that brings live
through the resurrection of the only Son. He/or she, then in passing each of the other dancers greets them, and
passes on to the next in order as they all go into and out of the vortex spiral of death into life and into love through
their mutual greeting. All have become one and performed the exact same motion and symbolized and performed
the Creation Dance of Life. (Compare Cydonia Altar Spiral)

 For again even in the world of PHYSICS, this outward spirally of life or a materialization occurs when energy
spirals downwards and below light speed into the physical world and into a circle of life. For after all have
finished their path, they again the the beginning with the end, the Alpha and the Omega of the Lord's children and
circle around Him. (See Phi Spiral of Creation Graphics)

 The music can vary, but appropriate words might be the same as Jesus sang with His disciples on the Mount of
Olives before His death and His resurrection three days later  (See Jesus's Hymn). There's obviously more to the
dance than this, with sexual meaning, but let this suffice at present to show you how you can dance together
rather than separately.....for Him rather than for yourselves.

In Jesus's Service

David Jay Jordan