David Jay Jordan's

                   Souls and Embryo's

When does an embryo get a soul and become a human being in the womb of the mother. ? Abortionists say,
it happens at the time of birth, and therefore it means that their legally sanctied stoppage of life is justified ,
for they say it is not yet a real human being, just a mass of flesh. But I and many, many others would say
differently. But because there are no exact scriptures on it, but only hints about the when the Lord gives an
embryo a soul,  allow me to present my basis from a scientific point of view.

For others, suggest hat embryo's get souls at 4 months, but 4 months is just when the embryo has
completely differentiated biologically into tiny but complete systems. It is complete but totally dependant
on the mother for nourishment and protection. And then there are others that contend that this so-called
completion period is accomplished even earlier, making the time frame for when an embryo gets a soul even
more complicated and debateable in thier eyes. But no where have I read biologically or spiritually that
something happens at four months, or at three months

Conception of life, or the forming of a new life from the two lives of the egg and sperm. Both the egg and
the sperm are alive and living as we really don't create life but merely pass on the life the Lord gave each of
the parents. This means the Lord still gets the credit for the birth of every child because he originally
started us all off with the creation of Adam and Eve. And then we just carried it on from there, obeying the
first commandment of being fruitful and multiplying.

So at conception when the sperm rotate the egg seven times and then one of them enters in, an Electrical
Shock Wave shakes the egg. For it is surely then that the two have become one and the Lord has
supernaturally created a new soul, or as is said in esoteric scriptures…. A new soul from heaven has
passed into the physical realm into this fertilized egg. IMO

This wave of electricity is not words but an actual wave that engulfs the egg, which is now, called an
embryo. So if this were the case, then surely the embryo has a soul from the beginning,

As for unborn going to Heaven, if it dies in the womb naturally or unnaturally or dies before the age of
accountability, again it sounds nice, but according to scriptures in my opinion, the Lord would return that
soul into another vessel, as nothing can frustrate the Lord's intended purposes and that soul must be born
and given their chance. But everyone is allowed their opinion on this, as it isn't absolutely provable one
way or the other.

But if some parents in their grief feel that their baby went to Heaven to be with the Lord (before
returning), then I would agree.  But what always has to be remembered is that the Lord is just and fair and
loving and has eternal Mercy, especially for the little ones. He has never lost one of His little sheep…or
one of his souls ……. Never, as they are safe in the arms of the Lord.


David Jay Jordan

So let's not do anything against them at any stage, no matter how small they are, for life is sacred. And yet,
there are exceptions for the sake of the baby and the sake of the woman. For as always, the tough choices
are ours, and are to be taken very seriously, seeing there remains the mercy of the Lord, for if sins are
counted, who could stand ?  Let's take care of the living and the unborn and the mothers ……

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