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                    Sonic Stone Levitation at F#  

Let's face it, the many awesome stone structures of the ancients were not done by fulcrums, pulleys, slopes and manpower.
It just wasn't possible !!  And besides they could have never have placed them so precisely within fractions of an inch, as
can be seen in their stonework. They have to have employed an unknown force, that we at present know little about .... and
sonic stone levitation seems the most possible. For even in the recent past, some people have seen the Tibetan Monks
levitate huge stones by concentrating sound at the center of their semicircular trumpets and drums, so as to levitate them
into place at a much higher elevation. ( SEE
http://www.crystalinks.com/levitationtibet.html )

And so considering this possibility, the same could have been done at Giza, as the whole Temple structure could have been
built by sonic stone levitation, and even built as a levitatation system for the souls of the Pharoah, as it was much more
than a mere tomb. Hence the following can make more sense to you in terms of frequencies ... ( From
members.aol.com/_ht_a/MetPhys/124quartzcheops.html )

"""The Khufu Pyramid Stone Quartz Frequencies ... In the 1920's it was discovered that quartz crystals resonate at 32,768
khz. Seeing that the Great Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops Pyramid, is made mostly of limestone, which stone crystal matrix
is mostly quartz, I developed a premise that the whole pyramid was set to resonance with some unique technique I named
in the file We find that the quartz frequency 32,768 khz is a multiple of 2. We can then use base 2 and make two separate
interpretations about the resonant frequencies of vibrating quartz. Moreover, we have an insight into what the operators of
the Khufu pyramid might have experienced: Source of frequencies Divided down, we find the base number is 2 Multiples
of 2 are 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, the fractal frequency of quartz.So we might
conclude that quartz resonates as a binary crystal, meaning that its resonant frequency is a multiple of its base 2."""

"""An engineer named Tom Danley who has an interest in sonic phenomena made some intriguing discoveries relating to
the great pyramid, especially the Kings Chamber. He measured its dimensions and those of five rooms, (the so called
relieving chambers) located above the Kings Chamber. He then installed powerful amplifiers and speakers inside the
Kings Chamber, created sounds and measured the resulting standing frequencies generated within the five chambers. The
frequency measured within the rooms was 16Hz, which is below the range of human hearing; from this he created a
fascinating theory. This was: the dimensions of the pyramid, plus the materials from which it is made, combined with the
empty sarcophagus within the kings chamber were designed for one specific purpose. This was to amplify whatever sounds
were made within the Kings Chamber....Tom detected a distinct pattern to the frequencies; this pattern was identical to
the tonal structure of the F-sharp chord. The ancient Egyptians in their texts tell us that they believed F-sharp to be the
harmonic frequency of our planet. """

All right, but we can't believe everything we read, so let's see if this makes any sense with some of the other numbers and
frequencies of the Lord, (who as we should know is the the
Creator of all things including the stones and sound itself.)  For
Yes, 33 hertz seems to be the frequency inside a crystal pyramid as the author suggests (SEE
Absolute 33). I like the whole
number because of numerous reasons stated, but maybe his 32,768 khz.has some validity. For at 16 hertz, at a level just
below what we can audably hear inside the Kings chamber, because at that frequency the sound and even our brain waves
could coincide. Why because at 16 hertz EKG, we are at the lower range of our consciousness, at a dream like state in deep
mediatation where we could actually be charged directly by these sound waves, or the charged temple. My guess would
have been 16.5 hertz an octave below 33 hertz, but his possibility does exist. So under these conditions maybe the F sharp
chord - sound waves activate the Pyramid Temple which activates the person in the sarcophagus.

For again ....... Fantastic as these claims sound. There appears to be much evidence as to the musically tuned properties of
the ancient edifices and buildings. The Kings Chamber in the great pyramid resonates very strongly to an F# chord, and
the Kings Chamber coffer resonates to A, which is the Minor third of F#  ( From
http://www.rocknroll.force9.co.uk/science/soniclev.html ).  And when we look at the frequencies involved ( From
http://www.indiana.edu/~emusic/hertz.htm ),   
        A    is at 440 hertz      lower octave 110      ratios  44       22
        F sharp  740 hertz            ............. 185                 74       37

But from before, we had found out that the resonant frequency of granite and stone is 110 hertz, which is an A and is an
three octaves below the normal tuning frequency of A at 440 hertz. But wait a minute, one of these ratios of these two
frequencies is 37 ... and 37 is what Rabbi Ginsbery and Jerry have been going on about and which correlates exactly back to
the Numbers of the Bible and the Lord and His Fine Structure Constant  and to 111 hertz. (37x3=111) ( SEE   
37 & Theory
of Everything Equations and  Hand of God wrote Fine Structure Constant ) Hmmm .... but that's getting a little
complicated, you might be saying, so let's just look at F sharp and see if it is harmonic with A frequencies concerning the
29 steps inside the Giza Grand gallery to the Kings Chamber ....... ( SEE
27-28-29Steps.html ). And it does corelate as A is
at 110 hertz and the 16 hertz is a multiple of 112 hertz when multiplied by the Lord's Number 7 (16x7=112) which may be
why also the Capstone is 1/56th of the total structure of Giza ( SEE
Capstone and 1/56 ).

So as fantastic as these claims sound. There appears to be much evidence as to the musically tuned properties of the
ancient edifices and buildings. The kings chamber in the great pyramid resonates very strongly to an F# chord, and the
kings chamber coffer resonates to A, which is the Minor third of F#.  ( SEE
http://www.rockmroll.force9.co.uk/sceince/soniclev.html )

Therefore there maybe truth in the levitation properties of F# and A notes played together .... that may resonant stones
and even pyramids (including the King's Chamber) and even us.

In My Opinion   ...



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