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                                         The Sins of Sodom according to Jasher

Almost the whole basis for anti-gay atitudes among Christians is their belief that the Lord judged Sodom for its homosexual activites  
But Ezekiel never mentioned sex as their sin at all but rather the way they treated strangers and the poor.. Ezekiel 16:49-50  
this was the iniquity of thy sister SODOM, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her
daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.    And they were haughty, and committed
abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good
. So can we argue with the prophet of God, Ezekiel ? Was he
mistaken when he was so exact and precise when declaring the 'Sin of Sodom' ?  For in Revelation again, no mention of sexuality is
given, only that the Anti-Christ masses would not bury the two strangers, who were always coming into their anti-god kingdom and
prophesying against them. Revelation  11:8-9  
And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, (Jerusalem) which
spiritually is called SODOM and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. And they of the people and kindreds and
tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in
. (SEE Two End Time Prophets).

But when you read the Biblical Book of Jasher which is mentioned in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1: 18, it goes into much more detail
that makes it clear that the Sins of Sodom were not merely sexual in nature, but went to the sins of their selfish proud hearts..  The
Book of Jasher agreeing with Ezekiel and reinforcing what the Lord has always demanded of His people ... that they take care of
strangers and the poor. But read it for yourself and answer the question yourself, straight from the scriptures in Jasher ...  

25 And a poor man came into the city (of Sodom) to seek  maintenance, and he remained in the city some days, and all the
people of Sodom caused a proclamation of their custom not to give this man a morsel of bread to eat, until he dropped dead
upon the earth, and they did so 26 And Paltith the daughter of Lot saw this man lying in the streets starved with hunger,
and no one would give him any thing to keep him alive, and he was just upon the point of death.27 And her soul was filled
with pity on account of the man, and she fed him secretly with bread for many days, and the soul of this man was revived.

28 For when she went forth to fetch water she would put the bread in the water pitcher, and when she came to the place
where the poor man was, she took the bread from the pitcher and gave it him to eat; so she did many days. 29 And all the
people of Sodom and Gomorrah wondered how this man could bear starvation for so many days. 30 And they said to each
other, This can only be that he eats and drinks, for no man can bear starvation for so many days or live as this man has,
without even his countenance changing; and three men concealed themselves in a place where the poor man was
stationed, to know who it was that brought him bread to eat.

31 And Paltith daughter of Lot went forth that day to fetch water, and she put bread into her pitcher of water, and she went
to draw water by the poor man's place, and she took out the bread from the pitcher and gave it to the poor man and he ate
it. 32 And the three men saw what Paltith did to the poor man, and they said to her, It is thou then who hast supported
him, and therefore has he not starved, nor changed in appearance nor died like the rest.

33 And the three men went out of the place in which they were concealed, and they seized Paltith and the bread which was
in the poor man's hand. 34 And they took Paltith and brought her before their judges, and they said to them, Thus did she
do, and it is she who supplied the poor man with bread, therefore did he not die all this time; now therefore declare to us
the punishment due to this woman for having transgressed our law.   35 And the people of Sodom and Gomorrah
assembled and kindled a fire in the street of the city, and they took the woman and cast her into the fire and she was
burned to ashes.

36 And in the city of Admah there was a woman to whom they did the like. 37 For a traveler came into the city of Admah to
abide there all night, with the intention of going home in the morning, and he sat opposite the door of the house of the
young woman's father, to remain there, as the sun had set when be had reached that place; and the young woman saw him
sitting by the door of the house. 38 And he asked her for a drink of water and she said to him, Who art thou? and he said to
her, I was this day going on the road, and reached here when the sun set, so I will abide here all night, and in the morning
I will arise early and continue my journey.

39 And the young woman went into the house and fetched the man bread and water to eat and drink. 40 And this affair
became known to the people of Admah, and they assembled and brought the young woman before the judges, that they
should judge her for this act.

41 And the judge said, The judgment of death must pass upon this woman because she transgressed our law, and this
therefore is the decision concerning her. 42 And the people of those cities assembled and brought out the young woman,
and anointed her with honey from head to foot, as the judge had decreed, and they placed her before a swarm of bees
which were then in their hives, and the bees flew upon her and stung her that her whole body was swelled. 43 And the
young woman cried out on account of the bees, but no one took notice of her or pitied her, and her cries ascended to
heaven  44 And the Lord was provoked at this and at all the works of the cities of Sodom, for they had abundance of food,
and had tranquility amongst them, and still would not sustain the poor and the needy, and in those days their evil doings
and sins became great before the Lord.

45 And the Lord sent for two of the angels that had come to Abraham's house, to destroy Sodom and its cities. 46 And the
angels rose up from the door of Abraham's tent, after they had eaten and drunk, and they reached Sodom in the evening,
and Lot was then sitting in the gate of Sodom, and when he saw them he rose to meet them, and he bowed down to the
ground. 47 And he pressed them greatly and brought them into his house, and he gave them victuals which they ate, and
they abode all night in his house.

48 And the angels said to Lot, Arise, go forth from this place, thou and all belonging to thee, lest thou be consumed in the
iniquity of this city, for the Lord will destroy this place. 49 And the angels laid hold upon the hand of Lot and upon the
hand of his wife, and upon the hands of his children, and all belonging to him, and they brought him forth and set him
without the cities. 50 And they said to Lot, Escape for thy life, and he fled and all belonging to him.

51 Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah and upon all these cities brimstone and fire from the Lord out
of heaven. 52 And he overthrew these cities, all the plain and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon
the ground; and Ado the wife of Lot looked back to see the destruction of the cities, for her compassion was moved on
account of her daughters who remained in Sodom, for they did not go with her. 53 And when she looked back she became a
pillar of salt, and it is yet in that.

So even though sexual humiliation through anal sex might have been part of the mistreatment of strangers, the true judgment against
the people of Sodom and their neighboring cities was in my opinion their pride, wealth, selfishness and hatred for strangers. What's
your opinion and what's your atitude towards strangers and the poor ? A lot depends on our answers !!

Love in Jesus and others   .................. David

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