.If you study the DESIGN of the side view of our heads, you will notice that at our brow, at our third eye, at our plane of
reflection inside our brain, the phi expansions downward happen or the phi concentrations from below end up.

SEE and study ALL, but on this post consider the black girl's
profile and the corresponding phi spaced line graphics at ....


For it is HERE at our brows that the Lord has created our spiritual
center, our communication spiritual center for receeiving and sending
messages from HIM or the
Female HOLY SPIRIT. This is not New
AGE but OLD AGE and the way it has always been right from the
start. And we have never varied from this PATTERN of Creation of
our KIND since our creation. Evolution has never touched us because
it is a lie. We are designed and have always been this KIND from
Creation. We being patterned exactly after the
RATIO'S of the LORD.

And it is HERE at the third eye level, the pineal level, the plane of
reflection, the ventral tegmental area (VTA), the nucleus accumbens,
where the pleasure sensations of sex start and return to our brains after
sensory stimulation from below in our genitals and our whole body.
Climbing Jacob's Ladder)

And do notice that the phi ratio below our plane of spirituality is
right at our throat. Our throat, our voice box being so important in
voicing WORDS and concepts and truths and LOVE and THANKS
back to our Creator. This also being the same lateral height on our face (or the ideal face) as the bottom of our head, the bottom of
our jaw.

All the prominent points of
Beauty that we so instinctively recognize as human or godly, are phi designed and phi placed. So go
over the ratio's more and more between our eyes, and eye brows, lips, teeth and NOSE. For there again, the tip of the ideal nose is
exactly at phi expansion, concentration ratio's both from the side and from the front.

By chance, NO, by DESIGN. Our smell, our taste, our eyes, our ears (phi spiralled in outward design) are ALL phi designed in
perfect mathematical harmony. For we are an archetype, because we have been created within us the perfect design, and therefore
recognize and admire and our attracted to the perfect design. And this perfect design is encapsulated in the human body because
we are made in the IMAGE and form and mathematical beauty of the PERFECT BEING... GOD.
Jesus created us after HIS kind,
this is why we have the capacity to become 'sons and daughters of GOD' if we receive His SPIRIT within.

Our bodies are not carnal and gross but designed for spiritual communication and powers beyond the norm, because phi and the
powers of mathematical expansion and concentration all point to creative ability, if our seed ratio or thoughts are pure. And that
only comes if we are in HIM...



Brethren, I am trying to get somewhere because of what I discovered from viewing the side of the human face.... and Vitrivum.
in human design. So either study it, or avoid these type of POSTINGS as precept is build upon precept and you have to
understand the precursors and basis before understanding more. Besides DESIGN does show you that you are a special creation
of the Lord in both spirit and body and in the real world.... and that kind of FAITH can never be underestimated.

PPS) And again don't be turned off by a simple term called the third eye just because the dam devils know of its existence and
have used it in their literature. It is the creation of the Lord not the devil, and was called many things like plane of reflection, by
Jewish sages, or other terms by others that knew its design and height. Study and learn Brethren, and give THANKS to the
David Jay Jordan
Side of our Face Design
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