David Jay Jordan's

                                         Shroud of Turin Forgery

The Shroud of Turin is an absolute hoax and counter-
feit. A covering over a body, even with radiation from within
would not make a photographic image that looks like a body,
but would show the circumference of a body, totally elongated
and unrecognizable. The shroud was not above the Lord, but
the shroud was wrapped AROUND His body. Therefore, the
Shroud of Turin is a total hoax. And it was made just to en-
courage weak in faith people that the church system of today
has true powerful relics from the past that substantiate their
claim that they are connected to the Lord. Not true and their
shroud is hardly the face of the Lord Himself.

Firstly, you must remember that all church or religious in-
stitutions want their followers to believe that they have the
real goods which they supposedly hope will elevate the right-
eousness of that organization.The 'Shroud of Turin' is just
such a case. SEE this  
Website,  For the 'Turin Shroud' is, in
my opinion, a total counterfeit for the following three reasons,
one or two of which should be sufficient to debunk it from its
spiritual status.

The scriptures say that Joseph of Aramathea, begged for the body of Jesus, and went out and bought linen for the burial
while Nicodemus, another older Jew who was a secret follower of the Lord of Lords after being witnessed to by the Savior
himself, bought the aloes and myrrh.

Jesus died at 3:00 the ninth hour and had to be buried by sundown, the start of the Passover. So they must have worked
really quickly to get him into Joseph's sepelchre right near Mount Golgatha, just outside Jerusalem. Yet it distinctly says
in John 20:6,7 that there was linen around his body but a napkin wrapped around his head, two different coverings, one
on one side of the cave and the other 'wrapped together by itself' Therefore it would be impossible to get a clear imprint
on an outer shroud, if Jesus's head was covered by an inner napkin? Impossible!!

Secondly, if you look into it , the 'Shroud of Turin' is totally bogus for many other physical reasons upon studying it You
can find a number of books on the subject, one of which definitively shows the following comments along side the actual
pictures of the 'Shroud' (Unfortunately I didn't photocopy the title page of the book nor the author).

Nevertheless, the first thing that strikes you is that the image is 6'8' when the Romans back then were about 5'5" in
height and no where is there any indication that Jesus was anything other than of normal height. The authors comments
then went on to say, along side the margin of the Shroud's photograph, " Unnatural thinness of face because of the
lensing effect, foreshortened forehead, hair follows incorrect hairline, hairline too low, head too small for body, blood
still flowing wrong for copse, hands folded over genitals (possibly showing intention to display), neck appears severed,
hands and arms impossibly too long. etc. etc. And through it all, it appears that this image of this supposed

Jesus has an unusual similarity to Leonardo DaVinci, the one many believe made this replica shroud of the true, for the
Catholic Church. And for me, thirdly I knew it was false because when I showed my photocopy of the shroud to my wife
without comment, she just blurted out, that's not the face of Jesus. For she had seen Jesus's face in a vision about 8 years
earlier and had his true image ingrained in her heart and mind, so instantly knew that the 'Shroud of Turin' was a total
counterfeit without any doubts....

So even though the 'Shroud of Turin" can be totally discarded as only a not-so-good replica or total fabrication or shadow
of the real, it must still be remembered that there must be power in the true originals. Remember the woman that merely
touched the hem of the Lord's garments and got healed, maybe the Lord could have been wearing this robe before his
crucifixion, and maybe Joseph of Arimathea also secured it, and the linen and the napkin from his own tomb and kept it
secure before fleeing to England to evangelize the Isles. For wasn't he also the owner of the Grail, the cup used at the
Last Supper? So wouldn't he have kept all these originals touched by the Master's hands and body as sacred. Why were
they holy? Because they were worn or used by the only HOLY man that ever walked the Earth.

Therefore the originals in my opinion, do have power. The original
ARK, the original Tabernacle, the candles, the altar
of incense, the
Grail, etc. etc. They were set aside and will not be forsaken but will be used again (2 Maccabbes 2:4-13)
And the Lord's people will have all of these artifcats and all the power from the Lord,in our
2nd Exodus into the
wilderness. For I believe this will happen according to scriptures and I believe we will have or be given supernaturally the
sacred things we need in the wilderness. We will definitely not go empty handed, and we will have the originals, as the
church system can have the counterfeits and the forgeries.

In my opinion

Jordan Fisherman (Jay)
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