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Should we have Babies in the End-Time

Here's a question from a caring but worried mother concerning whether she should have a second baby.But seeing
it is a question Joy and I had, and so many other parents or prospective parents have had and will still be having as
things get worse politically, socially and economically and prophetically, maybe I can try to answer it in my opinion
according to scriptures and the principles of the Lord.

> I was wanting to try to have a baby girl.
(within the next couple of> months)
but know thinking about the world ending.. etc
I am kinda reluctant to do this. What do you think??
Do you think I should go ahead and carry on as normal..
and let what happens happen... or should i just
cancel my plans of trying for a baby girl  ?

> Hope you can help me with that.. I have dwelled on
that all day because of fear of what is to come.
I couldnt stand to see my  son go through
anything.. much less a 2nd baby if I would happen to
get pregnant.   thanks again!!


Fear isn't faith,  and in this case your fear is unfounded as firstly the End Time hasn't started yet as the Covenant
hasn't been signed yet (
http://www.geocities.com/davidjayjordan/TerrorismandtheCovenant.html ) And even as we
do progress towards the end after that ......the Lord takes care of His own including his children and your children.
And because you are one of His and that's seems certain by how much you seem to care about your baby even
before he or she is born. So obviously you are a good concerned mother and so you might as well keep praying and
doing what comes naturally to have a baby, whether it conmes out aboy or a girl.. Just keep obeying the first
commandment if its in your heart and if the Lord blesses you with a baby because each baby comes from the hand
of God and is not by chance. Then He has blessed you both . Children are an heritage of the Lord at any time even
in the End-Time.

Sure its going to be rough and tough, in the future ...... but you can handle it because sufficient unto the day is the
evil therefof and the grace and strength thereof from the Lord. He's taken care of your first one and will take care
of your second one and your .......   

The Lord has never lost one of His sheep or his children, so if He gives you one. Praise God its for his glory and
your benefit.and will be a great playmate for your first son whether its a boy or a girl.

Maybe you are worried about the one verse that says, that when we flee into the wilderness , it is better that women
be out with child or pregnant at that time. (Mathew 24) Sure it would be better, but there are your brothers and
sisters to take care of you and help you as well as your mate and together we can do all things in the Lord even if at
that time you are pregnant again. All for one and one for all in the Lord's Encampment of the End ...and it won't be
just older people, but those of all nationalities and all genders and all AGES.

For in Joel it says that our young men shall ... and our sons and daughters shall .... and our old men shall .... so
we're going to have all generations included,  as we will be whole and a complete community of love, all working
together.There in essense won't be any widows or fatherless because we will have the love of the Lord.and be Lord's
family then. Matter of fact, the Lord shall be with us.

For (    ) Joy and I have two twenties and three teens now and they are at marrying age and we will surely be
encouraging them to get it together and do what comes naturally, as if they needed encouragement ...Right.? And
they know enough to want to take care of the resulting beautiful babies, just like you.

So should the Lord's people have babies all the way til the End, and should they make love all the way to the End in
a world that gets colder and harder and more unloving all the time IMO....YES and it seems End-time scriptures
backs this up. The Lord loves babies and He is more than capable of taking care of them and protecting them and
providing for them in the End-Time.

Love in Jesus

David Jay Jordan  (and Joy)

Like so many things, it's "According to your faith, be it done unto you".
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