'Shadow People' Disappear

I had an experience last year at this time with them. (written in October, 2002. Experience in Oct. 2001) I was living in an
apartment with a friend. It started about the beginning of October. I got up to use the bathroom. The bathroom was about
20 steps or so from my room, so by the time I got back to my room, I was wide awake. No doubt about it. Totally, 100%

In my room, there was a man. He was standing at my window, turned 3/4 away from me. I walked in to the room and saw
him. I was startled He turned to face me. I backed out of the room, fast, and ran into my roommate's door. I was not
breathing, my heart had stopped. I couldn't say anything. I was TERRIFIED. He started to approach, and I put my hand
back in the room for a second, to turn on the light. He literally melted out of my vision. Just faded away like a puff of
smoke. I went back to bed, convinced I was imagining something. I barely slept the rest of the night. I'd close my eyes,
start to drift off, then even the slightest noise would wake me up. My roommate asked me in the morning if I'd tripped. I
said, "Yeah. Just tripped on my own feet."

Two nights later, I woke up in my bed, feeling a presence there. I rolled over, and there was an old woman's face inches
away from mine. Her skin was wrinkled, her hair was long and unkempt. It reminded me of snakes. Her eyes were white,
like they had cataracts across the irises. Her mouth was open, and she was grinning at me, with bloody gums and missing
teeth. I jumped up, and got out of my room. I screamed as I got out of bed. The Shadow was there, in front of my window
again. I turned on the light, and they both disappeared. I went to my bed, and patted it down. I then pulled the covers all
the way off, looking for something ..I found nothing. I went back to bed for another fitful night of sleep. I was beginning
to get angry with them. They had no business there. I'm a good guy, I don't deserve the torment.

The next night was just creepy. I was alone in my apartment. I turned and faced my wall while I was in bed, and I could
hear breathing. My roommate wasn't there. My cat wasn't in the room. But, facing my wall,I could hear a labored, raspy,
pneumonic sounding breathing. I held my breath and listened. It was definitely there. I rolled over, and the sound
disappeared. I faced the wall, and it was there again... I felt such terror. My skin was clammy, my heart rate was through
the roof...then adrenaline kicked in. I was mad about this happening again and screamed at it to stop...but I could barely
talk. I was on the verge of paralysis....I fought my way out of it, and stood up. I staggered to the door...facing away from the
bed and the wall, I could now hear the breathing again.

I slept in the livingroom that night. The next couple weeks were more of the same. Being startled while walking into my
room...sensing presences....seeing the old woman...feeling something on my bed. It all culminated in one spectacular
event. I was working out that night, again, alone in my apartment. There was a program on either the Discovery Channel
or TLC called Entity: The terror that comes in the night.... It was about the Shadow Man. It also featured the old hag. My
experience was unique or different from those on the program because I didn't experience this with Sleep Paralysis. I was
fully alert and able to move. Anyway, I finished my work-out, and sat on the floor cross-legged in front of the TV.
Something didn't want me to watch that program...

At first, I thought I was hearing things or just having an over-activeimagination. I could hear voices...multiple, mumbling
voices, in the room with me. They got louder, and I muted the TV so I could hear. Immediately, they turned to a whisper.
Still, many voices, but now they were whispering. The temperature dropped. Mind you, I was hot from working out, but it
got really cold in that apartment. Our heat was on (I always turned it up to help facilitate a good sweat) but I was

Then the scratching started. It started in the ceiling. It moved across the ceiling, racing across the room. Then stopped
over my head.This was followed by a loud Boom! A single, pounding impact right over my head. I thought that it could be
my neighbors messing with me, but there was no way for them to make that scratching sound. The apartments are all
carpeted, and this was a sound like a hard metal object being dragged across cement.

After that pounding sound, there came knockings in my wall. Several repeated raps all around the apartment. Needless
to say, at this point I'm pretty freaked out. I'm scared, terrified at what might happen next. What did happen then was
beyond my belief. There was the sound of someone running. I could hear it in the back rooms. A steady sound of running
feet. Then, it moved down the hall towards the living room. it entered the livingroom and passed in front of me. I could
hear and feel each vibration. This thing began running back and forth in front of me. Each time it passed in front of me, I
could feel the floor dip, and feel the impact of each footstep.

At that point, it started as a whisper, but I could hear myself saying, "I'm a child of God. You have no business here. In
the name of Jesus, LEAVE." I said that prayer about 3 times (nothing magical to the number, that's just what I did)
getting louder and more confident with each time.

In one moment, there was a building pressure in the air, and I could feel the sounds, all of them, the voices, the
scratching, the pounding and running, all of them, I could feel them in my head. For one instant,  couldn't breathe from
the pressure, Then, after the prayer, the silence was deafening. Everything stopped in the same instant. All the voices
stopped in that instant.

                                                                                  Sent in by  R.H. in Tennesse,


So if you also see Shadow People, just pray and ask the
Lord to take them away and He will  !!!!
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