Sexy Spiritual Christians
Sexy Spiritual Christian
Heavenly Mysteries
Sexual Mysteries
Sexual Mysteries 2
Sex and Science
Badmouthing Rahab
Believe in 3168
Bisexual Angel Making Love (Dream)
Calling Out Lord's Name at Orgasm
Christian Church Anti-sexual History
Christian Love Feasts
Commandment of Love
Don't build a Commune
EndTime Sexual Warfare
Faith, Common Sense and the Mind
Forget Your Feminine Side
Give the Gift of Love at Christams
God is Bisexual
Heterosexual Sodom
Holy Spirit is Female
Holy Spirit Whispering and Study
Horny Horn of David
If you got it, Flaunt It
Incest is Biblically wrong
Jewel on the Forehead
Kundalini Sex is not Snake Powered
Liberated Christian 'Loophole Theology'
Love Linked E.S.P.
Male and Female Sexually Equal Biology
Male to Male Sexuality in End Time Warfare
More Faith than Brethren in Past
Motivated by Love not Law
Missing (Seeds) Ingredient (Dream)
Nipples are also 'Sexual'
Non-condemnation of the 'Sexually Inactive'
No Condemnation of Libido's
No Jesus, No Real Polyamory
No Sexual Worship in the O.T.
Nudism isn't Natural
Ode to Timothy and Trixie's Love
Olive Oil Annointing
One Day Til Noah's Flood
Overshadowing of the Virgin Mary
Paul's Dress Code Not the Lord's
Pearly Gates are 'Virgin' Pussies
Pray against the dam 'Succulus'
Privy Members like unto Horses
Reason Together
Ruth had sex with Boaz
Sadomasochistic Bondage
Sexual Climax in the Stars
Sexual Hospitality in the Old Testament
Sexual Energy Connects us to the Land
Sexual Fear of the Lord
Sexual Worship only for Minority
Sexy Samson's Spiritual Power
Samson, Honey, Alchemy, and the Elixir
She doted upon their Paramours
Sinning Nudists
Stand Up Against Rapists
Teaching Abstinence in Schools
Two House Polygamy
Use our Sexy Minds to Search
Visualization of Magic
Wells of a Woman
We shall be more Vile
What is Scripture
When Two Become One
Word against Incest
Worshipping Scriptures
The following messages were first posted on our newsgroup called Sexy Spiritual Christians, started in the summer of
2005. If strong in the Lord and not churchy, do join us there for current discussions, or Here for relevant past
discussions and postings.  
Sexy Spiritual Christians Newsgroup is on Yahoo Groups

Do read, enjoy, pray about, and increase yourFaith and add to the Faith of others. For God is Love and His ONLY
SON is JESUS. And the only way to Love and to continue in Love is through Him.
Comments, dreams, articles, queries to
SexyChristians is a group of Christians that believe and
want to practise spiritual sexuality, that both unites us
with each other and with the Lord. We believe sexuality
is much much more than merely pleasure, but a unifying
force that can empower us with His LOVE.

This forum is not merely for viewers but doers and
responders. Hence we would ask that members
particpate in discussions and post their thoughts,
experiences, questions, answers and whatever the Lord
has shown them or what their research has found. We
want sexual progress and not just sexual thrills. It is for
the strong and not for the weak and the churchy. We will
get into real esoteric sexual magick that will empower us
as Christians in the End-Time. If you can't handle these
topics, do NOT enter.

We believe in unity of the spirit, mind, soul and BODY as
the Lord told his disciples. We are not ashamed of
sexuality as we believe it was created by the Lord, for the
purposes of the LORD. But again, we say this is NOT a
church board for church oriented Christians .... and it is
NOT aligned to Western nationalism but to the Lord.
And it is NOT a place to find a sexual partner or to
carry on frivilous conversations. Its for serious
Christians who want to go beyond nudity and beyond
swinging and into group Christian Sexual Sharing and
Rituals. So if this is you, JOIN in with us,

In His LOVE together for Eternity