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The following messages were first posted on the newsgroup of ours called Sexy Spiritual Christians, started in the
summer of 2005. If strong in the Lord and not churchy, do COME and join us... we're at   .......
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Anointed Wife
Answering a Fool Discernment
Bear, Boar and Jesus
Bisexuality for Threesomes
Choose Jesus or Paul
Cologne   Secret Seducer
Don't Blame Eve or Women
Don't trust in Numbers
Fellowship Guidelines
Few Follow
Forsaken Virgins
Graven Images
How Jesus was Conceived ... Test
Jesus is Bisexual
Lack of Manners of Starving
Listen to Teach Dream
Liberation Isn't Easy
Making Love in Our Minds
Masturbaters are 'Bisexual'
Messianic Sexuality
Options if Raped
Power Position Rapes
Seeing Tenderness Given to Another
Song of Solomon Dictionary
Tent of Many Colors Dream
Walk Alone
Who killed Jesus
Why Sex is Spiritual
Words of Endearment

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Nakedness on Ramp
Fire on Altar of Sacrifice
Fire of the Lord
Lion King descends in 2017
Jesus is Bright and Morning Star .. Venus

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