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The following  articles  were first posted on the newsgroup  of
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Sexy Spiritual Christians
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Sexy SpiritualChristian's
'2006' Postings
Archenemies are the Religionists
Beheadings for Sexually Active
Bible Thumpers, Put down Women
Doted upon their Paramours
Elixir of Life
Entering into the Holy of Holies
Exercise Your Love Muscle
Forget Confessions to Priests
Golden Gate of Bridegroom and Bride
Group Faith versus Individual Faith
Hawaiian Volcano and Prophecy
Jewish Opinion of Female Holy Spirit
Lord makes love on the ground
Magic Power of Cursing
Mount Hermon
Nude Solo Dancing
Our Sexy Tailbones
Persecution of Early Sexual Gnostic Church
Prerequisites for Sexual Worship
Protestant Missionary Game
Polygamy versus Monogamy
Reason Together
Ripping the Veil of Temple
Sex and Prophecy
Sex in the Tabernacle
Sex in the Temple
Sexual Chemistry
Sexual Tesselation
Sexual Energy connects to Land
Star of Bethlehem was an 'Angel'
Study and then do it by Faith
Tabernacle Female Genitalia
Teaching Abstinence in Schools
Telling and Believing Lies
Thomas and Jesus in India - Architecture
Troubadours and Courtly Love
Well Come
Woman's Birth Prophecy Timeline
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