David Jay Jordan's

                             Sexual Size Doesn't Matter

As humans, we all tend to compare ourselves with ourselves or with younger models or with our shapes in younger years, or
we foolishly compare our statistics or lengths with what we have seen or heard about in others of our gender. So first, let's
get right down to it and consider the old adage about size doesn't matter when it comes to penis length. Does 'one size fits
all' Well sort of if you are of medium length. WHY, because the female apparatus comes in varying sizes as well, or letâ
€™s say varying lengths and diameters. All are not created exactly equal whether male or female when it comes to the

This is why in Tantric sex manuals they divide up males and females in three class groupings, small, medium and large.,
(but their labels are a little more descriptive, but they mean the same thing.) WHY, because as they go on to teach, a certain
size is best matched up with the same size in the opposite sex, in this way, the maximum number of positions are possible. If
members go out of their categories, love making is still very possible and mutually enjoyable and spiritual but the happy
participants might have to use "different strokes (or less strokes or shorter strokes) for different folks."

And unfortunately some strokes just might not be possible or advisable for the more gifted among us like our black brethren,
or white or brown or red---etc. Sometimes its just not so advantageous to have too much length. Instead of being inspiring,
it could actually be frightening and something to avoid rather than to play with. So size can actually be a detriment in
some cases, and physiologically even a little more difficult to keep up and erect because of its size.

What matters is that love-makers fit together, so size isn't always that beneficial, it all depends on your partner. Then again,
sometimes you don't even need your member to do the lovemaking as both genders have been gifted with other tools of the
trade, like hands and lips and other combinations even add-ons. There's just so many ways; a male or female could make
another person happy sexually that you just don't have to worry about size or dimensions. Such self imposed limitations can
be a great setback to fulfilling somebody else or even yourself.. Let go and let GOD.

Ha, even in Sacred Geometry, absolute size has no value, it's the proportions that count because with love and the proper
vibrational non-destructive cohesiveness, the proper ratio or SEED or Faith, can multiply into real POWER. The initial
size matters not.

For believe it or not, there are more penis reductions done medically than penis enlargements. I mean even in Greek
culture, if you notice their murals of naked men, doing Olympic sports, you'll soon realize that small members were seen as
the most beautiful rather than the more lengthy dangling variety. And similarly if you have studied esoteric scriptures and
the great readable "Book of Enoch" written by our brother in the Lord, you'll come across the passage where the fallen
angels had members like unto horses.

So size isn't paramount as surely the main thing is whether or not it works or not. Size just isn’t that important, sure
there are size queens and macho men that want the perfect dimensions in their women, but we normal types don't need to
worry about that, We should just be thankful we are healthy and capable of fulfilling the 1st commandment of mating.

We don't have to be the best in the world, or the biggest, or the sexiest, or the shapeliest, leave that to others. If it ain't
broken, don't fix it, just be happy with what you have.. In whatsoever state you are in, be content.. Don't compete with
others, be happy for the beauty and strength of others, and the gifts the Lord has given them. Don't be jealous, just happy
you are alive and in good health. For that's what important not your size or dimensions. For which of you can add one
cubit to his stature, or his ***** or take too many inches off your waistline.

Don't use a measuring rod or tape to give yourself self-esteem. Whether big or small, fat or thin, tall or short, be thankful to
the Giver of all Life for Life

In my opinion

Jordan (Jay)                                                                                                            
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