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                         Sexual Dancing (The Rhythm Divine)

Dancing is sexual and sexy, if you didn't know it. It shouldn’t be that great a mystery, because music is meant to get us in the
mood, or in the spirit, for union. Sometimes it is used in a spiritual sense, sometimes in a physical sense, but it almost always is
a means of getting us to the end or a climax and out of ourselves and into oneness.

Ha --- So whether we are dancing as a couple or as a group, the common bond is the music and the motions we are
simultaneously doing together. We are in beat, in rhythm, just as in the physical tempo's of lovemaking. ( See Absolute 33 ). We
all are hearing the same sounds and trying to blend together in harmony just as the notes of the music are blended together. It
warms us up and gets us going. It melts us together as one. ( See 'Sex and Music' and 'Sexy Star of David' )

I mean if ever there was sexual dancing, it’s the TANGO. For it’s the feeling that comes across, the passion, the seduction, the
chase, the romance, the touching, the buildup, the climax as the two become one. And cheek to cheek, can sometimes lead to more
cheek to cheek as we can literally see a preview of whether our partner and us are on the same wave length and will move
together more intimately after the dance is over.

So dance in almost all cultures has been used as a ‘rhythm divine’ to help us blend together in union which brings on creativity. If
you know what I mean? And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, if done in the spirit of love IMO.

For when you get down to it, even our motions are BEAUTIFUL because they are based on the template of beauty, which is the
Golden Section, (See Golden Section and the Human Body …Earth Mysteries page). When a dancer moves their divine bodies,
the motions are scientifically beautiful as well as physically and spiritually beautiful. As above, so below … as in Heaven so on

And wait until you hear how music and its notes are sexual by their very nature. Whew what a sexual world we live in and that’s
why the first commandment was to ‘be fruitful and multiply’ because union brings on creativity and reproduction. And wait till
you hear about the sexual mathematics of Sacred Geometry and Pathagoreus’s Music of the Spheres, the Song of Solomon, and
the Lord’s Dance and more.

Can you hear the Lord's Music ?

David Jay Jordan