Heavenly Mysteries
Sexual Mysteries 1
Sex and Science
Earth Mysteries
Creation vs. Evolution
Mary, sister of Martha, was a Prostitute ?
Sexy Transparent Linen of the Saints
10  Benefits in having Sex
Priestesses in the End-Time
Who's  Married to Who in Heaven
Big John and the Church Girls
Can Gays be Christians ?
Entering the Holy of Holies and Marriage
Melaton, Sex and Aging
Lusting after Women
Satan, Lilith, Sex and Demons
Stop Fornicating with the Whore
Does the Lord have a Penis ?
Love is a Wave
Anal Sex is Dirty
Non-Christian's Christian Sexual Advice
Sex and Science
Sexual Mysteries 1
And ye shall know the truth
and the Truth shall set you
FREE      John 8:31-32
Sleeping with the Enemy and Idols
Lord's Temple is Human and Sexual
Protect the Young Sexually
Christian Love Feasts

Original Sin was NOT Sex
Polygamy versus Monogamy
Testament and Testicles   
Onan's Sin was not masturbation
Sodoms Sin according to Jasher
Confirmation of Sin of Sodom
King David's Adultery and Multiple Partners
Fornication Mistranslation
Song of Solomon Sex Scriptures
Unclothe Yourself Nudity Scriptures
Missing Mark Scriptures -  NEW !!
King David's Naked Dancing
Jewel on our forehead
Sexual  'Christian'  Mysteries  Two