David Jay Jordan                                                
Sexual Energy Connects to Land
Let's try and explain how two people making love on the ground or a group performing a sacred spiritual sexual ceremony to the
Lord can literally, , spiritually and scientifically connect up to the ground, and the Earth itself. So open up your mind and dfo the
research, and testing yourself, for to start with the Holy Spirit in scientific terms is called 'orgone' or free energy. And it is
everywhere in the Universe uniformly, irregardless of gravity, distances etc. "For whither can we go from
Her Presence" as the
palmist said.  (Consider
Free Energy )

This is the energy of the Lord that is the total energy of the future in His Kingdom, so that nothing pollutes. It has been slightly
harnessed now, but oh so much more THEN.
William Reich discovered it scientifically in the middle of the twentieth century, and
found that orgone is attracted to life, anything that is truly alive and vibrant attracts orgonic energy to themselves. ( SEE
Reichs Sexual Discoveries ) And so when two people are totally stimulated and hot and 'alive' and unifying, they attract more and
more orgon to themselves this empowering them in the sex act. Believe it or not. This leading to the very probably theory, that the
energy of an orgasm does not come from within us, as many think, but from the
Lord, our Creator Himself. Orgone being attracted
to us and accumulating to the point of an electrical differentiatal so that we are grounded to the Earth. Energy flowing into us and
upward.  And we spark and explode in an orgasm of the life force that has built up in us. So rather than giving us or our bodies, the
credit for sex and orgasm, this theory gives all the credit back to the Lord and His sexy Holy Spirit.

Reich proved the orgone science by building orgone accumulaters which in a sense worked although nothing works as effeciently
and as beautifully as our own bodies as orgone accumulaters. And it is for this reason why good electrifying sex is so '
Beneficial' in
keeping our bodies healthy and strong. The more life force we have, the more we attract. This fulfilling physically what the Lord
says spiritually. "The more we give the more we will receive. And he that hath, shall be given, but he that hath not to him shall be
taken away even that which he thinks he has." How sad, for in Heaven we shall have the ability to have great sex, but those below
shall not, because of their rejection of the
Holy Spirit and rejection of the Life force...Jesus.

So in essense, what happens at orgasm is that our genitals like an electrical rod, gathers electrical energy, until a spark connects the
polarity differential. Zap, Boom .... CUM. This ability both men and women have, because even women have the same electrical
neural projection as men. It's smaller as their clit is smaller in size. But as we know, it is not the size of the wand that determines
the magic. And so when in esoteric (hidden) science, it says that the energy flows up from our base chakra, our genitals up through
our spine, through our
33 vertebrate to our plane of reflection, to the center of our brain, to the home of our soul, and decision
making, ..... BOOM the electricity creates an explosion of power, and we can literally see stars, and have visions, and dream dreams
from our Lover... Jesus.  Therefore rather than energy just starting in our genitals, do consider the very real possibility and truth,
that this energy comes straight from the Lord, and his universal orgone that totally surrounds us, day and night

Whewee !!!! Did you catch all that, probably not, it takes time to study these things and sort them out. But the end product is that
you give more and more of the credit of life and love and SEX to the LORD HIMSELF. (Also consider  
Jesus created Sex ). And
that in and of itself makes you a stronger more powerful Christian. Why, because the less of you there is, the more of Him can be
within you. the more you trust His POWER, rather than your own. And then themore
FAITH in the His real POWER you can

Hence we know two people making love in the fields, can literally energize the land around them, because orgone is being attracted.
And the more people make love, the more energy is accumulated. Consequently group sex when in the right 'orgonic' or Holy Ghost
Spirit is even more powerful as it builds exponentialy with the number of particpants.. This connected up the people with the land.
(See also
Lord makes Love on the Ground ) Because if you don't know it all of biology deals with sex and reproducing. That's the
way the Lord created His worlds. All creation is making love and if it doesn't, if a break occurs, the land whithers and dies. Why,
you got it, there is no cycle between man and the Earth. They are not One but TWO and independant.... and tragedies and
calamities occur.

This many of the ancient cultures knew and recognized. They understood their success was determined by their closeness to the
Earth, and knew it was a sexual bonding. This relationship corresponding to how their King and Queen made love and determined
their fertility as well. It was an intimate cycle between the people, their leadership, the Land, and the Lord. For even at the base
level, many farmers of the past literally took their wives out in the fields to make love to them, not out of superstition, but because
of this truth, that sexual spirit energizes the Land. They might NOT have known about the Lord, but the principle was true. The
earth is sexual, and to be ONE with the Earth, you have to love the Creation, and even energize her and woe her by making love in
the fields. (research
The Fisher King )  Ha, so maybe now you may know why, you can be so stimulated when 'taking off your
clothes as a nudist. And why seeing others nude, even if not making love, energizes you sexually, emotionally, and spiritually. As
even indoors, you can literally feel the sexual orgonic tension in a room where there is live and love. You can feel a sexual tension
when you see someone else, and you start to get attracted to each other. That's the Holy Spirit, that's orgone. Life being attracted to
life and love.

Consequently then, when you read that the Celts and other ancient tribes removed impotent rulers and kings for being infertile and
weak physically that is their reasoning, and it does make some sense. For even in prophecy, we are prophesied to have an
Time King David, a strong vibrant leader, who is also our commander and leader. In esoteric prophecy, he is called a warrior as he
will have to lead the Lord's Army here on earth. And he will be a descendant of King David of Old, and surely will also be a
descendant of King Arthur, who descended from King David. Hence connecting up true history of the the pre Christian era, to the
post Christian era of King Arthur, all the way to our times. ( SEE  
Grail Mysteries )

And hence we and our king connect up with the Earth, the Lord's EARTH, and then, our power and his power is helped by the
Earth's Power (SEE
Earth shall help Us ) Are you catching the connections and links. Sex connected to the Earth and the Earth in
turn connecting and helping us. Is this possible / Yes, because with the Lord, our common Creator , nothing is impossible and all
things are possible. And so the land, the Earth shall help us in the End Time, and sexual unity and ceremonies are a part of us
uniting with the Earth.

For read again, where the Lord says He will make love to us on the ground, or where in the
Song of Solomon (1: 16), the Bridegroom
says thier 'bed is the green grass'.  Still don't believe in the power of sex. Well Reich proved experimentally by actual testing in the
fields and on the land that by aiming an orgone accumulater at the sky. You could attract orgonic energy, lessen the amount of
energy in the clouds, this allowwing the rain droplets to no longer be held in suspension and it would start to RAIN. In other
words, reich created a 'rain maker', an orgone accumulater gun that could take orgonic energy out of the clouds.

Whereas in the oppsite mode, the orgonic gun could put energy into the clouds, giving them more energy, causing the clouds not to
allow moisture to escape, creating a drought condition. This awesome power being very dangerous in the wrong hands, and so the
military stole his orgone gun invention, and it supposedly has not been used ever since. Strangely enough though countries did sign
a weather weapon treaty so nations wouldn't use his technology. This before anyone seemingly knew the uses of his orgon gun.  So
has it been used since secretly to manipulate weather, ask yourself..........

I mean, we personnally do not need a man made gun to do this if we have real faith. For even the two witnesses of revelation will
literally stop the rain, once again as did Elijah. So is sex involved ?. Absolutely because UNION is involved, and we all will be
united with the Lord's Earth, and it shall protect us while hindering our Enemies. ( SEE
Water in the wilderness )

Is it more powerful to do sexual ceremonies outdoors in the Lord's Creation ? I would think so ? Is it merely for sexual pleasure ? I
would suggest NO, as what we are attempting to establish in principle HERE is much more than ceremonies for sexual pleasure or
recreation. We are connecting up with the Lord, as His Bride, His multiple Bride. This the parallel talked about in the NEW and the
Old Testament. For it is an Eternal principle of an ETERNAL MARRIAGE. ( See also  
Bride of Christ in O.T. ) And the above is
just a touch of the science, scriptures and logic to back it up.