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Sex is Divine


Sex is really just the divine process of being fruitful and MULTIPLYING. It's the natural creative way the Lord of Creation gifted
us with the ability to carry on His original coupling thru our original coupling instinct. For we, like them, are divinely made and
proportioned in His very Image. This is where the divine proportion, or golden section or phi came from, it is the exact proportion
that is BEAUTIFUL to us. It comes from the Lord, but can be seen in the Fiboracci Series of numbers in a population growth
series. It is an reproduction totalling where adults mature, mate, have babies, and their children repeat the process in the next

Consequently, it looks like this 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55...and onward Eventually this additive series begins to level off into a
multiplicative approximation to the divine proportion or 1.618. Every newly creasted  number being 1.618 times the last one. Can
you see it?

Similiarly we ourselves,have been designed by the Lord using his template the Golden Section  (See the
Human Body and the
Golden Section) which is why He has called us STARS  (Dan 12) . For take a look at a five-pointed star, it'sgeometric lines
intersect in exact divine proportions. We are literrally stars by  design, for we contain the beauty of the divine proportion within
our bodies. From our point of growth, our navel, to our creative center, to our skeletal system, to the division of our bodies and
the proportions of our beautiful limbs.

This is why we are beautiful and why we are attracted to each other. We are sacred and different from the animals and other
creatures and creations, we are made by  God in His very Image.We are made by the Hand of God as depicted by Michangelo on
the roof of the Sistine Chapel with the phi or divine proportion shownby Leonardo DaVinci in his well known, but mysterious
'vitruvian', the naked man within the square and the circle, related according to the divine proportion. Consequently this is why the
Lord can make us His stars if we shine with the Lord's LIGHT. (unlike the fallen angels who wanted to be the Light)

And thru the magic of sex, we are divinely allowed to pass on creation and the good seeds thru the unity and harmony , vibration
and mental wave lengths that bring on life. We don't get the credit or the glory for we have only shared what was His and the Life
that He has given us. Our children are the stars in His hand that will last forever with His Light and Love. For we are merely the
result of the blessings of the Lord upon Abraham, as his seed was promised to become as the STARS  in the SKY

Don't you agree ?

Jordan Fisherman

Botticelli's esoteric and famous
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