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                                                     SEX in the Taberacle

If you study the architecture and design plans of the Lord from His Tabernacle (given to Moses), through to His Temple (as
shown to King David and built by Solomon), all the way up to his ultimate temple,
New Jerusalem ... you will find that they
ALL show sexuality and POWER in their design. Even church architecture after Christ followed these same sexual patterns  (SEE
Lord's Architecture is sexual).  Why, because, we are not mere flesh, but are the most technologically advanced structure ever
created, and our sexuality is for more than just mere reproduction or pleasure. but also to lionk us up to the spiritual demension
of the LORD. Sex is not a mere sideline for spirituality, but an integral part of it. And yet it's only for the strong and only for the
mature. So if you want to understand this principle, it will take real study and a real open investigation with your heart and mind.
But before you begin, you should understand the basic premise that '
Sex is not and was not the original sin'.

Sex has always have been incorporated into the Temples of the Lord from the very beginning. So what was the first illustration
the Lord gave His people ....... the Tabernacle of Moses, so let's study it, and then go on to the Temple in Jerusalem and see how
sex is so vital in understanding its principles. Because as we do this progression, we can then comprehend, why the other famous
church structures whether it be Notre Dame, Rennes Les Chateau, Rossalyn Chapel, and others are so POWERFUL. It all stems
from their design, and proportion just as our design and proportions are so valuable in understanding why we, can be empowered
by the Lord through sexuality. It takes a little study, a little mathematics, some prayer and concentrartion of the mind, but you
can figure out this great TRUTH and great MYSTERY.   

So what was the first 'holy place' the Lord told his prophet, and leader Moses to build. It was called the Tabernacle. It was a
movable temple made out of wood and skins, and was made in compliance to the very exact design parameters givern by the
Lord.. (SEE below) Alright, the inner temple was divided into two parts, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. The Holy of
Holies was completely dark, as no outside light was permitted within, as the Lord is our Light and His Spirit was literally the
only light allowed inside. This replicating the original creation, where there was darkness and then the Lord created all things....
including sunlight on the fourth day. So let me warn you right now, if you don't absolutely know that the Lord is the Creator and
not damnable evolution, you will never completely understand the power of our bodies or how Sex and Temples go together, or
why sex is holy and pure and spiritual. (SEE
Creation versus evolution).

So it is for this reason that so much symbolism in the way of frutiful pomegranites, and fruits are depicted in the Lord's
preceeding Temples. The Temple was sexual and depicted sexuality, believe it or not. or consider the rational stated from
King Solomon's Astonishing Temple Secrets

It might be asked, why would the Temple involve sex? – and the short answer is 1) because it displays a definite Edenic theme
in its decorations and architecture and 2) Eden itself was a place of fertility, displaying the Creator’s powers to produce all
types of life in abundance and 3) the land of Israel, ‘the Promised Land,’ is biblically presented as a new Eden, and finally
and most important of all, 4) the Divine plan for mankind’s spiritual redemption is portrayed through the human birthing
process. And since creating children involves sex, the Temple depicts human sexuality.

Therefore the more you study the archetypes involved in the sacred design of the Tabernacle, and Temple, then the more you
realize that it is a reflection of the greatest temple, the Temple built without hands as the Lord said. And what Temple is that ?
'The Human Body' We are the temple of God, for the Lord wants to live within us.

The Lord's Temple is the Human Body
       Sex in the Temple
       Tabernacle and the Female Genitalia