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                    Sex and Music

If you didn't know it music comes from an Egyptian word meaning 'birth' because the harmony of tones come from the
Vesica Pisces and the creation of numbers or reproduction. From one circle interlocked with another one, creates the female
sexual member called the Vesica Pisces, from which the first note 3/4 when split down the middle. With replication seven
new vesica pisces can be created giving seven notes in every octave before the eighth is back to the doubling of the original

Consequently music uses these harmonically in tune sexual notes to [play the music that creates dance. And as most of us
know, dancing is merely a type of foreplay that gets us in the mood for love. So if we know the dance of love as illustrated by
the Lord in his circle of love, hymn singing, and how the numbers he refers to and the whole and most importantly the unity
involved in the circle of hearts and bodies, then it is easier to make love to the LORD in the spirit.

But it can't be done out of ignorance which is why the teachings of the Lord were passed on through the one that KNEW
him the most,
Mary Magdalene. So with the help of Joseph of Armatheia, Glastonbury and Christianity were established in
England. These mysteries were passed onto King Arthur and the Knights of the Grail, and onto the Templar Knights. This is
why they built the Chartes using this sacred knowledge and the rituals involved. This is why the golden rectangles and the
Tree of Life are incorporated into the blue print, and the meaning and significance of spiritual meaning and power.

All because without a knowledge of the golden section, and our bodies and its correlation with the stars and the Creator,
rituals are nothing that don't correspond to the LORD's truth. There is no magic without the Lord's unseen forces and unity
with his spirit and his creation. And similarly there can be no spiritual creation without compliance to the Holy Spirit
Knowledge called 'Sophia".

This is what the
Templars were executed and persecuted for because they knew the secrets and mysteries of the Lord and it was
they who had possession of the Grail, hidden away like the
Ark for the Lord's End Time people. This is why sex, unity and
the life force are an integral part of the whole process of 'being fruitful and multiplying for the Lord'. But its only for a few
not for the masses, for the 144,000, but not for those marked for unthinking compliance to the upcoming
government. They will never understand, only the Lord's people through His Holy Spirit will comprehend what's ahead.

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