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Sex and Science
Prophecy and Sex
Sex in the Tabernacle
Sex in the Temple
High Priestess in the End
Female Genitalia and Tabernacle
Bride of Christ in Old Testament
Pearly Gates are 'pussies'
Pearly Gates of Virgin Temple
 Sacred Architecture
Prophetic Sexual Climax in the Stars
She doted upon their Paramours  Ezek 23
Privy Members like unto Horses
Standing Stones
EndTime Sexual Warfare
Olive Oil Annointing
No Jesus, No Real Polygamy
390 Days of Ezekiel
Golden Beautiful Gate of the Temple Prophecy
Woman's Birth Cycle and Lord's 2nd Coming
Holy Day Co-relation with Birth Cycle
Not defiled by women
Sexy Star of David
 Horny Horn of David
2 Prophetic Pillars of theTemple
 Boaz and Jachin
Lord's Temple is Human
Harmonic Circle of Tribes
Prophecy and sexuality are intimately entwined, paralleling the truth that the Bride shall KNOW her Bridegrrom
(JESUS) because of their lovemaking and KNOW what He will be doing.
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