Seeing Jesus prevents Suicide

Last year, Jan. 18, 2002 to be exact, I was betrayed by a friend who I was trusting to help me, because I was
severely depressed. She claimed to have the gift of helps and that is probably the reason I trusted her so much.
Anyway, the story is very long and complex so I will not go into the details, but when she let me down, Satan
had me convinced that it was the end of me. I decided to die and I went to apologize to God for being a failure.

All I could get out was "Father" and being too upset to finish the prayer Jesus came to me in spirit and prayed
for me. He said the right words and I do not know what they were, but I knew they were right and all I had to do
was agree with them. During this I could feel that Jesus (God) really is the father-like God spoken of in the

He knew all my wrongs but loved me anyway. I can tell you that the love of God is perfect love. I could sense in
the background, behind Jesus' left, were other beings, probably Angels or humans in Heaven, and I could sense
that they were deeply concerned about me, probably because unlike Jesus, they are not omniscient or
all-knowing and they were not sure what
I would do. I saw no light- but I felt the strong love that I had always read about in the Bible, butnever truly felt.
The experience probably lasted 30 seconds to a minute.

After the experience, believe it or not I still wanted to die, or more accurately, I did not want to be here in this
world. I felt that I belonged in Heaven. I could not kill myself because I did not want to let Jesus down. I felt
important- very valuable, but not arrogant or "goody goody." My attitude on life changed to where I feel that I
am here for a purpose to accomplish unique things that others were not placed here to do. God designed and
made me who I am and what I am for a reason.

In February the following month, my healing from depression was made complete by the Word of God.
Physically, I believe there was a chemical imbalance in my body that was triggered by a traumatic event 4 years
ago that doctors would have treated with medicine; and now, I believe there has been a chemical transformation
that was done by the Word. My healing came
from realizing who I am in Christ. See, Jesus coming to me in the vision made me feel valuable and was an
intervention to save my life, but hearing the Word caused the change, the realization, and the truth set me free.

                                                   Sent in by Brian in Tennessee, U.S.A.

If down and depressed, do look up to Jesus as Brian did .....
Suicide is never an option. May the Lord bless and keep you .... keeping on.

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