To find truths, and figure out mysteries we have to
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The Lord has always said, that His people are required to search if they expect to find ...

Pro 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour
of kings is to search out a matter.

We are kings.. It is our honor to search out the truths of God.....Why?

Isa 45:15 Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself, O God of
Israel, the Saviour. It is our blessing and inheritance to seek him
and find him in all the ways he has revealed himself.

So can I add that the Lord directly said that we are suppose to seek to find. This means searching not just for truths but
searching for the Lost sheep of the house of spiritual Israel. (
Mathew 7: 7). For if we seek to help others then surely the Lord
can seek to fulfill our needs.

And yet sadly I think the vast majority of sexy Christians that have been liberated to some degree, spend hours and days and
months and years searching for secret partners, and secret liasons, and couples and group affairs, without searching for the
truths behind spiritual sex and without establishing why the Lord has given them liberty and for what end. They join group after
group for contacts without going deeper into their sexual spiritual Faith. And hence seem frustrated in so many cases, when their
can't seem to join up their need with fulfillment.

Yet the Lord himself in summarizing all the laws, said, that we must 'Love the Lord our God (Jesus) with all our heart, soul,
body, and MIND. (
Mathew 22: 37) So let's not forget our mind, and use the greatest of our sexual organs, our mind to figure out
His sexual truths.

We are told to, Study to show ourselves approved unto God (Jesus -
2 Tim 2: 15), so let's not be afraid of searching out truths
as Win has repeated to me and us. let's be kings rather than paupers. Let's use our down time wisely by getting established in the
Faith and making progress. let's envision the right images of beauty in our mind, so that we are prepared when the Lord knows
we are ready for his blessings, sexually and every other way.

Let's not be like the church people who have been indocrinated into not searching....and trusting only in some petrified pastor
who only conveys the party line of compliance to the old safe wine of the scribes and pharisees. Let's have some balls and
ovaries and strength and courage, and get somewhere rather than just being shallow and doing the same old, same old, over and
over again. (
Deut 31 : 6)

Let's use our minds and inspire others others to use their minds even in a co-operative effort of searching for truths. Let's not be
lazy and complacent and thinking our inactivity mentally and spiritually will keep us from sinning. For sin can be what we do
OR what we don't do when we had the opportunity to just DO IT. Let's not waste the good brains, the divine organ of sexuality
the Lord gave each of us, via the atrophy of inactivity.

We either use'em or lose'em. So let's use'em for the LORD and for others.