Scenario of End Time Events

Mid East War
Covenant Signed
Building of Third Temple
Sacrificing at Temple
(Earthquakes, Famine, Pestilence)
Nuclear War
A.C. Stops Sacrificing
A.C. goes into Temple, declares himself 'God'
Great Tribulation starts
Sealing of 144,000 Christians
Fleeing to wilderness of Petra
7 Trumpets
Death of our Two Witnesses
Second Coming, 1st Harvest
7 Vials
2nd Harvest
As a means of knowing where we are at in the Last Days, just check off each successive
prophetic event as the Lord's countdown to His Second Coming unfolds, toward the NEW
BEGINNING. They are in order,  and will follow one other as written, which helps you place
each of the prophecies of the Lord's prophets, in the right time frame.
For the timing of each event, how long
they last or when they happen, SEE
Prophecy Timelines with Dates