Saved by an Angel

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share an experience that i had at the age of 15 when my mother had just passed away from breast cancer.
I was living in the US at the time and flew to Mexico to see her before she passed. I was the last one to see her, and
though they say she was in a comma, i knew she could hear me. she died right in front of me, and everytime she would
stop breathing i would say i love you mom, and she would start to breathe again, then i realized that i was keeping her
from leaving and just decided to sit there for what seemed to be eternity.

I finally ran out of the hospital room to find a doctor and he said that he couldn't do anything that her death certificate
had been signed yesterday and that she had to die..... Ii was 15, and alone. my family had left to go to lunch... Ii just fell to
the ground for my body was limp and lost all feeling, I just saw my mother die! I was crying so much that my eyes were
swollen. I could see my family coming back from lunch and they just passed over me and totally forgot about me. Then
this lady, whom I know to be angel now, took me to the chapel and started to tell me about Jesus. I am in pain, and don't
understand why this lady was being so nice and she stated that her husband had just died also, but she was not suffering
and yet she was giving to me out of her emptyness....this Jesus was different then the Jesus i had learned about in
catholic school. she left me after praying for me...

That night we had to stay with my mothers body all night then the funeral was the next morn. that night after the
funeral i was packing to go back to the USA while I was crying out to God....if there is a God then there must be a heaven,
if there is a heaven there must be a hell, where is my mom?
My mother had lived a life of selfishness, from putting me in an orphanage to save money to buy herself a new phone (I
ate too much so I cost too much)

Anyhow, I wondered what was to be of her. that night as i was tucked in with my cousins, we all slept in the same bed. I
saw this bright light come in to me, and then i saw my mother, and she asked to have my hand. I gave her my hand and
she took me out of my body, as i saw myself in bed as i was taken out... she took me to different countries and showed me
awful accidents and said that by Gods grace she got to meet him before she died, and to not worry about her she is with
Jesus...and that to remember that Jesus is the way. after that she put me back in my body and she said look over I turned I saw a beautiful ball of light trailing peacefully out of the room, i felt peace.....then I fell back to
sleep. The countries were russia and china, and the people I saw dying in accidents had not received the Lord.... anyhow,
the real kicker was the next morning.

We all woke up late, in mexico this never happens because not only did we have roosters but we were all sleeping in the
same bedroom! our alarm clocks were mysteriously turned off..anyhow, i was late to catch my plane and couldn't get
another flight until the next day. we went home again and as we were watching tv later that evening we heard that the
airplane that i was to be on crashed with an airliner in LA, all were dead, except those who weren't meant to be there.

At fifteen I don't think I respected this as much as I do today looking back. As I was reading the Bible one day I was
reading where peter was let out of jail while everyone was praying he would be let out.... and when he went and knocked
on the door the one that opened it shut it and ran and told the others that peter was there at the front door...then
someone it must be his angel.... so I figure some of the angels look like us, perhaps to throw the enemy off This
is all IMO i just know what my Jesus shows me and know I have a lot yet to learn. But one thing i know, my mothers
angel was sent to give me peace ..  Praise be to God.

Thank you for letting me share this..

Love in Jesus



                                                              His Salvation
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