David Jay Jordan's

               Sacred Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex is in essense only good sex with a twist into spirituality. It teaches body control for maximum pleasure but
then goes too far into the wrong spirit world. It uses the truth of the beauty of the body that all of us from all religions
should understand by now, but then in essence evades Our Creator as it becomes human worship or sex worship or the
worship of pleasure.

So again here, all of what they say and teach and live out sexually isn't wrong, as long as you have discernment and
understand a bit about their history and their intent and where they are going or not going with their practises.

In the beginning , when Adam and Eve choose not to obey the first commandemt which was to be fruitful and multiply (In
other words have sex), they choose the evil tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Yet they knew good, so it was really the
knowledge of evil they were tricked into pertaking of.  So after the Fall, when The Lord  taught a repentant Adam, and
Eve, they passed on his good information to his good children, whereas some of his later daughters mated with evil angels
who had the wrong kind of information. It was the Lord's knowledge but they perverted it towards doing evil and not good/.
Their first kingdom was Egypt, which is where all their knowledge was treasured and used. They understood the golden
section, and numbers and creation's unfolding, etc. etc including the sexual mysteries that were hidden in the West but re-
established in the crazy Hindu, and Buddhist religions in different forms.

Of course, these religions are anything but true, but like almost all cults and systems they had some truths intertwined.
In Tantric sex, they realized the senses could be a method of thanking their creator and having union with Him or THEM.
They didn't see the flesh as evil as any normal and natural spiritual person realizes. The flesh is sacred and we are a
TEMPLE of the LORD, even though they used different names to avoid their disciples knowing the true Lord. They called
the Lord, or father Shiva and the Holy Spirit Shatki., Their rituals like some of the Gnostic rituals are very similar
because as even weird scientists have found out like Dan Winter, there is something very special about UNION.
Sometimes they call the build up, or dance or tempo cresting, or frequency heightening, or kundalini, or ****, as totally
unifying with the divine because at that sacred frequency, of brain waves, we become ONE, literally and spiritually.

And as we become One with the true LORD not their LORDS, we loss ourselves in Him, and then actually have a
personality and an individualism because we are aligned with HIM. But as many as receive Him, to them gave He the
power to BECOME the Sons of God. We have to become more and more like Him, but as the churchies believe by their
silly singing but by uniting with Him in the Sacred Circle and His HYMN.  (See Jesus Hymn below) For the only ritual
we are instructed to perform for the LORD is COMMUNION.  Why, because it is a sexual term, because life is sexual, and
becoming One is sexual, and reproduction, is sexual.

And without saying too much, to those that don’t understand these concepts,  there is a communion wine, that all the
above have made note of. It's the Alchemical Wedding, (Make Internet Search) It's the marriage Feast Union of Bride and
Bridegroom. But Alchemy is not the mere making of a base metal into gold, but the marriage union in chemistry and
biology and physics where life is born again via the Lord's blood. Alchemy is the transformation of ourselves into stronger
warriors for the Lord through his supernatural God-given and God-designed elixir, and we will discover it. As the above
mentioned groups and the Golden Dawn, the religious wing of the Illuminati, haven't got it although quite close in theory.
For they will never have the love and intent and will alongside the will of God to make it work.

Their magic and sexual magick is nothing compared to what ours will be. Alchemy is real, the grail is real, the Ark, is
real, the End time is real, and will be coming and we will have to have the true wine of the Spirit and not grape juice. If
you don't undertsand this, it isn't for you. If you check the references, the Bible and search the internet and more, you can
make up your own mind.

For do remember, your soul appears to be in your head. Many ancient manuscripts put it there because your skull or
whispering chamber where the Lord can speak to you directly, also holds the record of your decision making and your
moral responsibility. You are the decisions you make, that's your soul and your essence. If you choose the Lord, you have a
soul, and if you go on the straight and narrow path in following Him, your soul enlarges. You KNOW the LORD more and
more, you add precept upon precept, principle upon principle, until you truly do have the heart and mind of the LORD.
Why, because you have learned from him.

Anyway sexually, you have to study physiology and the biological structures of lovemaking to see the inner Grail, that
many of you call the womb, that drinks of the male at bliss or estacsy if she also has reached that eternal frequency
vibration or climax. This isn't New AGE but Old Age as our bodies haven't changed or evolved since Adam and Eve. We are
still the same, divinely created in His IMAGE.

Life comes from the womb because of the thunderbolt....and on and on, and it all interlinks itself because all truths always
lead back to our Creator, JESUS.

In His Service

David Jay Jordan

PS) So Tantric Sex isn't bad at its beginning stages but once they get into the spiritual so-called upper stages, of no
ejaculation and no touching, but mental union, who they are uniting with is Not the Lord. In My Opinion.