David Jay Jordan

                                    Sacred Mile,  Sacred Measure

The earliest form of measure was the mile because it correlates to the rest of the Lords Creation. So we really cant call it the
English mile because its origins were long before the English Empire arose. For even in Greece, the ancients Greeks
modeled their Parthenon after the foot, which is the basis for a mile. (SEE
Parthenon) And going back even further into
history the span of 9 inches (finger to thumb) and cubit of 18 inches (finger to elbow) of the Hebrews came from the Lord in
the very beginning called Genesis. And so inches are a basic of a foot  which are the basis for a mile, and they are all a
measure from the Lord

Why, because the Lord is the Creator, and as the Great Architect, He has his absolute standards and measure. As measure
comes from the word ˜mer which means water and plowing in Egyptian. Why, the connection because when the Nile
flooded, the farmers lands were inundated and they had to determine what was their boundaries for plowing. And hence,
the Lord has boundaries and measures just as He puts the sand as a boundary for the sea, not to pass over. (Jeremiah 5: 22).
And He requires us to plow our land

For similarly even His sacred measure of the acre, is the amount of land, a man and a oxen can plow in a day. For we are
suppose break up our fallow ground physically as well as spiritually. (Jeremiah 4: 3, Hosea 10: 12) so we can be fruitful
and multiply, which was the very First commandment. And ten acres make up a square furlong, and a furlong was the
sacred distance of the golden reed of the angel in Revelation 21. So lets read it for a better understanding
Rev 21:15
                           And he (the angel) that talked with me had a golden reed to
                           measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall
                    Rev 21:16
                           And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large
                           as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed,
                           twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth
                           and the height of it are equal.
                 Rev 21:17
                           And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and
                           forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a
                           man, that is, of the angel.

And therefore, we can see that the Lord even measures His Temple, New Jerusalem with the sacred furlong measure. A
furlong being 660 feet in length, while He measures His wall with the cubit and its 1.5 feet or 18 inches ¦. 440 cubits
making a furlong. (SEE  440 co-relations with
108,109,110 Hertz)

And so how many furlongs does it take to make a mile. EIGHT. And 660 feet times 8 = 5280 feet which is one MILE. And
this is not by chance but by design, because it relates to the Lord's “Chessboard of Life and Mathematics In other words,
an eight by eight playing field or chessboard, is 8 x 8,  or 64 squares. And if each square is a square furlong, then the whole
Board is a 'Sacred Square Mile'. (SEE Chessboard of Life and mathematics and
Grail Mysteries)

So the arbitrary mile and the foot are not so arbitrary. But lets prove their co-relations to the whole design of the Earth to
prove even further mathematically that the mile is ˜sacred and ˜divinely created.

So taking the measures of

9"         = span                                                             1 acre  = 1/640 of a square mile
12"       = foot                                                                         =  43,560 square ˜
18'       = cubit                                                                        = 160 square rods
198"     =  pole        =     16.5     =  11 cubits                            =   10 sq. chains
7920"    =  furlong  =   660        =    1 sacred reed                    =     1/10th of a square furlong
63360"  =  mile       =  5280       =    8 furlongs
         1 square mile             =  64 square furlongs

Earths Diameter
7,920 miles  =  63,360 furlongs

In terms of ratios that we can understand an INCH is to a Mile what a FURLONG is to the EARTH. In other words we
know how long our digit length is and so we can understand how that relates to a mile, and similarly, we know how far a
furlong is, if we have walked it enough, or plowed enough and so can comprehend how big the Earth itself is, as we are
related to the Earth, because we have a Common Creator. Are you catching it ?

So no wonder the angel said that the furlong was according to the measure of a man (the earth) that is, of the angel

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