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Atlai Mountains
Russian Altai Mountains, Shambhala, Prophecies and Hell

In Biblical prophecy,  the Anti-Christ comes from the North as he is called the 'King of the North'. (SEE Daniel 11 Class and Anti-
Christ Prophecy Board)
                  Dan 11:40 - 45
                           And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the King of the North shall come against
him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall
overflow and pass over. (Yes because the Anti-Christ is a military leader and will be the 'Beast' that gains power by force) He shall
enter also into the glorious land, (Israel) and many countries shall be overthrown: (including the three nuclear powers, so who is
going to stop him) but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon. (Why,
because we flee to Edom and Moab along the King's Highway) .. And he (the Anti-Christ) shall plant the tabernacles of his palace
between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; (Yes, as the Anti-Christ shall take over the 3rd temple of the Jews and use it for
his world headquarters, its between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea) yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.
(Because the Lord of Lords shall defeat him at the Battle of Armageddon)

And geographically if you check the map, Russia's capital, Moscow is due north of Jerusalem in Israel, so surely the Anti-Christ
will arise from the 'North Country' and as almost all destructions in the Bible, come from the 'North'.

For again in confirmation, Rab Wilkie wrote, "Some say Russia is the 'Future Saviour of the World'- Holy Mother Russia who
inherited the deepest Christian Mysteries from the Byzantine Empire, ---according to Alice Bailey,  and other Theosophists too,
who were probably influenced by Tibetan & Central Asian prophecies about Shambhala -somewhere between the Altai
Mountains and Gobi Desert  in Mongolia-, ----whose ruler will set things right and restore Truth when the Time comes." (End of

For according to the dark side and the dark spirits who talked with Bailey and Blavatsky, they do expect their supposed Saviour
to come from Russia, and more specifically from somewhere between the Altai Mountains and the Gobi desert in Mongolia. (SEE
Way over to the right at this Website Map)  Which is very interesting because this location on the map lies along the sacred phi
latitude of 51.43 degrees North. (SEE Avebury's Spiritual Latitude) and at 90 degrees East Longitude. This makes a perfect V
shaped angle down to the Garden of Eden's location back yp to London England at 51.43 degrees North latitude and 0 degrees
Longitude. (SEE Alignment of Cities Map)

But what is the meaning of this mysterious word called 'Shambhala' Well these Altai mountains are called mysterious themselves.
(SEE Altai Mountains Pictorial and description) And Bailey, even has the audacity to suggest  HERE, that the next Christ shall
unite East with West, and Christianity with Buddhism.  This of course will tickle the ears of the Chinese and their prophetic
importance in the End-Time and Russians with their soon up-coming predominance. But such will not be the case, as thier
Messiah, and future ruler, that even the Jews will receive, shall not be the true Christ, and the true Messiah, but the false one.
(SEE Anti-Christ Prophecies)

And Bailey says, Shambhala is "center where the will of God is known", so again she better shake her head, because it is surely
just the opposite. And yet Russian folklore does put the Altai mountains as the area from where their prophetic 'Legend of the
Invisible City of Kitezh and the Maiden Fevronia' comes from.

It's storyline goes like this …. With my comments in ….(…) ….." While singing the praises of Nature in a forest near Little
Kitezh, the maiden  Fevronia is surprised by a stranger, who is    captivated by her beauty and obtains her consent to marry him.
On his departure, she learns that he is the son of the Prince of  Kitezh. (The stranger being the A.C., the people being the maiden
that fall in love with the prince of Kitezh who is really the prince of darkness ???) The city is attacked by Tatars, who have been
guided thence by Grishka Kuterma, a drunken reprobate. (Yes Russia has been taken over by tyrants from the right and the left
that have been drunk in power and greed just like in the West, but the A.C. will supposedly raise Russia to its former glories, via
his military victories)

Fevronia is seized and carried off, praying that Kitezh may be saved. When the Tatars press their attack the City is rendered
invisible, (Goes underground to the Invisible City, meaning the Hollow Earth 'Hellish' City whose capital is sometimes called
Shambhala…. but this time under the lake and into the spiritual realm...the dark spiritual realm) and its reflection is seen on the
surface of the Lake. Fevronia escapes and, together with the now repentant Kuterma, enters the forest. Here she is visited by
Birds of Paradise, (Birds of Paradise, sounds like the Phoenix symbolism and how it rises from the dead, from the ashes of death,
just like the A.C. is prophesied to rise from the dead... and the spirit  of her betrothed, who has been killed. (Yes, he has) Having
eaten of the bread that brings eternal happiness, (a parallel to the true Bread of Life - Jesus, but not giving Him the credit --  surely
meaning this whole story is from the wrong side and not the right side. It parallels the truth, corresponding only to trick and
induce deception) Fevronia departs with the spirit. Kitezh is restored to its transfigured People. (The people get transfigured,
empowered by following this spirit ...No way and yet that's their myth and theirdark side prophecy to which the Russian people
can cling to ----in their backing of  their man to the Throne of the Russian Kingdom. )

For Rab Wilkie goes on by saying, with my comments in ----(---)  "Many occult systems speak of a Golden Age, (Yes, they all
know that their short  time in their Sun -the A.C- is coming) associated with an ancient race that lived in the Arctic regions. Much
embraced by ethnologists and Theosophists, this "Aryan Race" entered the mythology of Nazi Germany with dreadful
consequences. (That's for sure, as their elitism and pride and war mongering killed millions and was demonicly inspired).  In a
responsible and scholarly fashion, the author explores the origins of modern neo-Nazi ideology, its "polar" inspiration, and links
with other occult myths including the survival of Hitler, (Ha, maybe his evil spirit helpers live on, but he's as dead as dead can get)
German bases in Antarctica, UFOs, the Hollow Earth, and the hidden kingdoms of Agartha and Shambhala. (Hidden kingdoms just
means portals from which evil spirits can arise ....just an abyss opening and what more convenient place than a deep lake, such as
occurs in the Atlai mountains. Or the POLE region which would truly be 'Destruction from the North')

'Arktos' written by Jocelyn Godwin is an important book which touches on the deepest mysteries of human and cosmic destiny--
and the eternal problem of good and evil. (I'm sure it does, but without the true solution, I'm also biblically our Savior and
deliver comes from the clouds at the Last trump. SEE Rapture after the Tribulation)."

"And in the book called 'Entering the Circle' According to a Russian psychiatrist, Olga Kharitidi, 'This Atlai Mountain region in
Russia - about the size of Portugal and bordering on  Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia - is the source of the most spiritually
advanced culture the world has seen'. 'She goes on to try and explain why conventional wisdom views shamanism as a primitive
religion of the Ural-Altaic peoples. And how unseen gods, demons and spirits respond only to mediums, or shamans.' (Which is
partially true if they sell their souls to them and serve them. And yet Christians in faith can dispel them back into the Pit or
Abysss, from whence they literally came) The believers refer their word, "kam," because the Russians invented the word
"shaman." Such a description, according to this author, understates by volumes the special healing and mental powers these
individuals possess." (True because the devil can heal, and then make those heal pay the price for their healing, and YES, Russia is
filled with shamans and their greatest is destined and prophesied to come from their most spiritual mountain which seems to also
be connected to the Pit …the Altai Mountains.) (End of Quotes by Rab Wilke, rewritten  here by his permission. Thanks Rab)


But as the final confirmation, when I was reading the 'Hollow Earth' by Dr. Bernard, he wrote, that 'Agharta' was the name for the
'Subterranean World' and its capital was and is Shamballah..

So enough said, Russia is surely the Anti-Christ's home country before he takes over the whole world. And surely because he gets
totally possessed by Satan himself that his connection with the underworld is real and he does in fact get inspiration from Agharta,
and its capital of Shamballah. His 'invisable' city shall arise and he shall surely bring his evil people (Fallen angels and demons) to
the Earth's surface, and surely he shall pretend to be the Christ, and shall fool the whole world, except the Lord's Elect 144,000.

In My Opinion according to scriptures, prophecy, and geography