David Jay Jordan's

            Rituals ...As above so below

This nonsense about rituals being meaningless is ridiculous to say the least for Jesus gave us the ultimate ritual in communion
which he expected us to follow because of its exact meaning, symbolism, and truth. It is this ultimate of all rituals that does
empower us, and it is much more than just the shallowness practised by most. It relates to truths and the Eternal, and because
of such is powerful.

It isn't just a ritual. Because a ritual has power the more it relates to the real spiritual world. The more you do that is in actual
fact a truth of the spirit world ...the more you empower yourself. And the more you do that corresponds exactly to the real
scientific world that is co-related to the spiritual world, the more powerful a ritual is.

We must learn to follow his
Will on Earth as all follow it in Heaven. Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in
Heaven is suppose to be our prayer  and it is supposed to be in literal actions that parallel the actions of the angels and all in
Heaven. So the more we are in harmony with what is happening above, the more direct contact we have down below. That's
how we get the power and establish the connection.

We are to obey just like we would obey in heaven...there shouldn't be this huge difference. We act as if we are in the
heavenlies right before His Throne and in His Presense. because in the Spirit we are !! We prepare ourselves spiritually by
having true respectrespect when we pray because we are literally approaching the Throne of God. And it can not  be taken

This is what rituals are suppose to do for us. Put us in the mood, in the Spirit to hear and have the empowernment to obey.
Rituals are not just mere theater although they are theatre, They're real life drama, we are suppose to play out here on Earth,
to get us ready for the conclusion and  entrance of the LORD of LORDS. We are to do it as a group whether big or small, but
it has to be done with a full heart and total commitment.  For just like in Communion, the Lord's penalty for eating and
drinking unworthily is extremely serious, for those that have not discerned the body and blood of Jesus christ, the Son of the
living God. This whole principle of copying the heavenly gives us power, because we are following a good example. And like
good repetition it engrains in us and strengthens us.

MAGIC, the same principle applies, when they call it correspondance. They take it from the Lord's principle of as 'AS in
Heaven so on EARTH. Whereas they change it to 'as above so below' So even the evil ones who use magic for evil purposes
try to copy or correspond to heavenly principles for their nefarious deeds, how much more power is there for us if we have
the right heart and the right mental atitude and do communion and other Christian rituals in the
RIGHT SPIRIT. For unto the
pure all things are pure, and what is more pure than communion with the LORD.

It is what strengthens our physical bodies LITERALLY (not just mere words or  mere eating) and empowers our spirits
SPIRITUALLY  (and not with just mere drinking).Therefore let's eat and drink in His Spirit ....  In His Ritualistic Service

David Jay Jordan