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                                     Rituals, Why, When, How and with Whom.......

For although the negative ones will cry 'heresy' with the word ritual because the dark-sided ones use rituals, it must also be
remembered that the Lord gave very specific rituals He expected to be followed and it is just another name for a ceremony.

For all rituals are meant to focus the attention and energies of the participants into the Spirit. The Dark side gets their people
into the wrong spirit even using the Lord's names for protection but more importantly the right and the LIGHT side, is
suppose to know the rituals of the Lord when they call upon Him. It is written in the Old Testament in the ceremonies of the
Temple dictated precisely by the Lord.

There was very specific times according to
Holy Day Correlations dictated by the Lord through the High priest, and it was
dictated who should be present and who couldn't be present. Who was dedicated and who wasn't. who would bring things
down and who would increase the drawing power of the Lord. I mean even Elisha was surprised to be called when it wasn't
the new moon or the Sabbath, there was a timing for everything and a degree of intensity of every ritual performed and an
absolute SACREDNESS needed before doing any of them. The priests had to prepare themselves beforehand. They had to
purify their minds and their hearts and their bodies through fasting, washing etc.

Coming before the Lord was taken seriously and not done frivolously and callously, but it was done in fear and trembling and
absolute respect. I mean even in the New Testament the Lord didn't remove this total respect and sacredness, but made the
whole ritual of communion and union together with Him still filled with total and absolute respect. Even suggesting that those
that take it unworthily could die from not respecting the Lord's body. Any deceivers could literally die from taking
communion falsely. So it wasn't to be done as unto men but as unto the ever-present Lord and He was present literally and
spiritually if people did it in the Spirit.

And the Lord didn't use symbols without meaning, He explained exactly what each step meant so we could engage our minds
into the ceremony as well as our whole strength, soul and spirit. It was suppose to be all encompassing and it was if we did it
in the
Spirit according to His Will and Directions.

So once again, it has to be remembered that the more we learn about the group prayer and the Lord's rituals and timing and
sacredness the more we would learn from Him in communion and other rituals. For just as in magic, it is a way to focus and
concentrate on the ultimate source of the invisible and that's the Lord of the Invisible because all things that are visible came
from the invisible Lord.

And so once again we return to the Power of the Lord and our only method of empowerment so we can do the '
mentioned about in Daniel and all the other prophets. We have to learn to focus in on the Lord's Spirit, so as to do His
in the Spirit.

In my opinion according to all scriptures