Questions Evolutionists can't answer

This is just a posting by Mike which, he put on the internet, and yet it shows an understanding of
creation over evolutionary theory, as evolution just can't answer some of Mike's questions_____


1. Evolution requires tranisition periods between two creatures. Natural Selection is suppossed to retain
the animals which have developed an advantage to their enviroment. How could the intermediate
creature survive when it is not well-suited to either its old or  new enviroment?

2. How can evolution explain metamorphosis ? How can evolution explain the complicated math
calulations involved in bird migration or the gravity fall and water defraction calculations of archer fish
in shooting down their prey. How does evolution explain 'instinct' which is intacvt without learning ?

3. Why aren't there any Fossils which support evolution? Why does the fossil record show a deluge ?

4. What about symbiosis? Example: Algae and the Fungus of Linches. The fungi provide vital
protection and moisture to algae while the algae nourish the fungi with photosynthetic nutrients that
keep them alive. "Neither population could exist without the    other, and hence the size of each is
determined by that of the other"   Neither of them could of survived without the other... so which came
first, the Fungi or  the Algae? If evolution were true, then both of these organism would of evolved  
separately.. but... neither could of survived without the other.   
You and I could not live without the helpful bacteria in our bodies- which came first... our bodies,
which can't live without the bacteria, or the bacteria, which cannot live  outside our bodies? How could
two organisms evolve separatly from different ancesters and yet depend on each other for existence?

5. The Earth's magnetic field is dacaying so fast that the earth could not be more than 10,000 years
old.  How then could the earth be 6,000,000,000 years old?   [check out
http://www.nwcreation.net/young.html for more on the young earth]

6. Why don't we see evolution happening today?  How can evolution explain love or altruistic acts that
in no way help it to survive ?

The continents are eroding too quickly

Dust accumulates too quickly on the moon's surface

The sun burns by gravitational contraction and thus must be young

Galaxy clusters are not dispersed widely

Granite crystal halos can arise from 218 PO decay only if the earth is young

Rapid sedimentation and peat deposition following the 1980 Mount Saint Helens erruption demonstrate
that all geological processes are not gradual, but rapid.

Since computer models of the spiral structure of galaxies show that the spiral  collapses  after two or
three rotations, spiral galaxies must be much younger than  astronomers  claim   

Trails of "human" footprints alongside, and sometimes crossing over, trails of  dinosaur prints prove
that dinosaurs were contemporary with humans

Since a comet's average lifespan is only a couple of thousand years, given the rather limited supply of
comets, their present existence proves that the solar system  cannot be  any older than a few thousand

A young Earth  shows evolution didn't happen !!

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