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                Pythagorus Comma and the Lord's Calendar

The Earth's Revolution
      around the Sun Musically

Why does the Earth's revolution around the Sun, take 365.24 days, that's an odd number of days and seems to contradict
the Lord's usual whole numbers and exactness. (SEE
The Lord's Numbers). It seems so random and evolutionary if you
don't dive deeper into this Mystery and the Divine Solution in Musical Harmony. Because to make all things fit together
perfectly and beautifully, which is the basic definition of 'Harmony', the Pythagorus Comma has to be added.

What is this Pythagorus Comma (From

The Perfect Fifth is the lowest ratio harmonic you hear, and is mathematically calculated by multiplying a frequency the
ratio 3/2 or 1.5. For example, in the note of C, the perfect fifth would be a G. In harmonic terms, the perfect fifth is one
octave below the third harmonic.

Pythagorous of Samos (c.582 - c.507 B.C.) discovered that you could make a musical scale by continuing through the
Circle of Fifths, and dividing down harmonically with The Law of Octaves to determine the pitch for each note. This is a
distinct problem in this procedure, however... Unfortunately, it does not add up correctly, but leaves a small residual error
that has been the frustration and bane of musicians ever since.

Or as Lui has said, 'The prime numbers are interesting. For if you are going to mention the 2 and the 3, then maybe you
would consider the fact the the mathematical major scale emerges from Nature using the primes 2 3 and 5. That means
you may remember that it is actually the note D that is 432. Then, as you know, the colors will match the vibrations. (SEE
Harmonic Circle of the Tribes) It makes no real difference, except one vital one; it puts the Dorian mode in the position of
balance, where the Egyptians always had it, and where the Greeks followed.

The Egyptians apparently believed that we all had our own siamese twin on the other side, and that they were seperated in
vibration by the interval of the Comma. This comma isn't as accidental or a nuisance as the West's musicologists like to
think. If you take just the 2:3 ratio to build the scale
Sacred Geometry and Music) then there will be this little gap of 1.014 by the twelth fifth. The Egyptians also found
that the ratio between 365.25/360  was also a difference of 1.014. This is why the astrological calendar and the Dorian was
so important to them. Their week corresponded with the highs and lows based on this system of the Comma."

And that may sound complicated but it isn't, for even in ancient times they understood that the Creator made 360 days and
the extra days of the Earth to revolve around the Lord's Sun were called Holy-days. rather than holidays as we now call
them. The extra 5.24 days are needed to harmonize the Earth musically to the Sun (Son). (SEE Book of Enoch)

So mathematically, the Pythagorian Comma is 1.014 and if you do the simple division of 365.24 by 360 days you get the
exact same thing¦.1.014 In other words, It seems the solar year uses the Lord's Comma to tune itself harmonically. The
extended time to get our Earth back in Harmony with its music. (SEE
Tune their Hearts to Mine Lyrics) It adds some time
to retune itself via Holy Days, to get realigned and returned for the next cycle.

Who made this timing mechanism so perfect, exact, and harmonious. Was it Pythagorus, No, He just understood it better
than many before him. Was it all by luck and chance. Absolutely not as 'Evolution is a total LIE"  It was by design from the
Lord of Lords. He made the 'Distances' and put the planets, and Earth and Sun into motion.

Genesis  1:14   And God said, Let there be lights in
the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from
the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons,
and for days, and years:

.....And it was GOOD ... and HARMONIC

Don't you agree ?

David Jay Jordan
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