David Jay Jordan's                                                                                                                               Great Pyramid Prophecy

Above is a representative graphic for our Solar System with the Sun at the center and us on EARTH revolving around it.
But because the Lord co-related Earth's Diameter with the Sun's Diameter (SEE
100 Pi's) and made our Solar System, a macrocosm
in the same ratios as His other Temples like New Jerusalem and the Great Pyramid of Giza, at a height of 500 feet. Do notice how
our Solar System incorporates this height in feet as seconds of light speed. This making the PYRAMID or
Tabernacle of the SUN.
SUN and SON being interchangeable because He is our One and ONLY LIGHT, and all his design proves this.

Hence it takes light 500 seconds to reach us, or 1000 seconds to transverse His Solar System, and when converting to years, this
1000 years also harmonizes exactly with His
1000 Year Divisions of Time as spoken about by Enoch, and the 500 year divisions of
time as spoken about by His Priest Ezra. And put together six of these make a crystal hexagon of
6,000 Years (SEE Pyramidal
Crystal Geometery )

And do note that the side slope angle of a phi pyramid of 51.43 degrees if including the addition of the sun's angle as seen by us from
Earth of .583 degrees, makes  the perfect gap in the crystal symmetry of this hexagon, so that the spark of life or
PIEZOELECTRICITY of the Lord and His Son can travel throughout the crystal shape of the Tabernacle. The two equilateral
triangles, separating sufficiently so that a spark from their centers can bride the gap between the spiritual and physical realms.  (SEE
above graphics and CONSIDER
Sexy Star of David).

In my opinion so far ..... what's ours