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                                                  Crystal Geometry and Numbers

Crystals are not new age or a new high technological invention. They are the compressed beautiful rocks of the Lord, that reflect
His beauty and His Design and that have been here since Creation. And it is for this reason that the Lord uses these precious stones
as the building materials for his Eternal City, New Jerusalem and why He calls us His 'precious chosen stones' (Revelelation 21).

They have amazing properties, that ancient cultures knew about and that modern scientists have only now discovered. For it is
their hexagonal perfect shape that the Lord has designed to create the piezoelectric effect, that briudges the gap between the
spiritual and the physical. And it is this gap, the space in between the two centers of the two triangles of a hexagonal crystal that
give it the power to retain input, for realease later on as output. And from here we get our computers crystalline ability for
memory. So don't be afraid of the Lord's simple geometry of a hexagon, or a pentagon. (SEE
Sexy Star of David and Pentagram
Geometry of Healing ) Geometry is just organization and the way the Lord created matter in going from ONE to Many. Via His
creative power all things came from the Spirit, and invisable realm into the physical visable world.

From ONE infinitely small  but ALL-POWERFUL point, to TWO, two points that make a straight LINE, to THREE points which
make a TRIANGLE, to Four which makes a SQUARE, we need not worry. Its just the expansion of life and numbers by the
LORD. This science being called 'Sacred Geometry' because it consists of the truth that the LORD created distances, speeds,
shapes in the micro and macrocosm in harmonious relationship with each other and with HIM. (SEE
Squared Circle & Magic Ratios
Music and Sacred Geometery etc.)

And  when we get to FIVE, we leave static geometry to living rounded geometry and a Pentagram, a five pointed STAR. And this
living star, which we are called (Daniel 12 etc..) has the template of life within. And its none other than the
Golden Section or as
other mathematicians and biologists call it .. 'PHI'. And this '
Beautiful Phi Template' is incorporated in 'Our Design and
Proportions' because we are made in the Image of God.

From there, the Lord went to SIX and this is the hexagonal shape of a standing crystal, as most crystals are hexagonal in cross
section... SEE TOP VIEW below ......

But if you notice, the peak or capstone of a crystal does not flatten out into the horizontal, but it creates a hexagonal PHI pyramid
on the top and even on the bottom if it has grown perfectly. And crystals do grow, as the elements find their perfect places and
ORDER. So why is it a PHI pyramid on top because it's slope is the same as a PHI pyramid... 360 / 7 equals 51.43 degrees. And
from the SIDE VIEW of a perfect Crystal, you can note this exact same profile of the crystal is the same as the Lord's Temple
whether the Great Pyramid, or New Jerusalem. (SEE
New Jerusalem is a Crystal Pyramid).

And what is SEVEN, but the Number of the Lord, as His Temples, His Holy Places, His Virgin Bride are an un-enterable Number
because they no one can enter them except the Bridegroom, the Lord of Lords. Seven being indivable by any other number, and
seven creating the phi temple with its 51.43 degree slope and all its amazing mathematical co-relations to life and the Creator, time
and space. (SEE
http://hunkler.com/pyramids/pyramid_symbolism.html )

Therefore, please don't be afraid of the Lord's numbers and shapes and even His Crystals., when reading about them. For even His
THRONE is compossed of them and surrounded by them (SEE
Crystal Throne). And hence, if one of his angels has one, and
shows you something in His Light using a crystal, don't be afraid. (SEE
Crystal Alighment of Three Stars a dream of Joy).

We absolutely will not worship, a crystal or a computer, or a creation of the Lord, but only the Lord HIMSELF.
Don't you agree ? And aren't crystals amazing ?

David Jay Jordan