The Protestant Missionary Game

(Posted on November 7, 2006 by Davidjayjordan)

Just so there are no illusions about the so called righteousness of the Christian churches, can I say from direct personal intimate
contact with Protestant Missionaries overseas, the majority of them are playing games.

Not all of them as a few of them are witnessing Jesus and helping win souls and doing their best in HIS LOVE. Nevertheless it has
to be said that the vast majority of Chruch missionaries preach Western materialism much much more than simple Christianity.
They use their big palatial mansions paid for by the home church, to try and entice new converts into thinking joining them will
bring them riches. This no different than the cargo cults of New Quinea. They using the wealth dreams of those in the THIRD
WORLD as a carrot to enter into their folds and partake of their materialistic connections, especially if they also start tithing and
paying the home church and missionary church. It is just a missionary game of pleasures and perks, as most of these missionaries
do not work more than about an eight hour WEEK. They have P.R. photo opts on Sundays and maybe one bible class photo opt
during the week, from which to gather images of missionary work to try and entice even more money via prayer letters from the
home front.

Sorry folks, this is not Christianity and it is not missionary work. And besides they do NOT truly trust the locals to be as so called
spiritual as them even after decades of service to their devoid church system. In other words, they are racist against the locals and
deem them less than first class heavenly citizens. It is all about nationalism and materialism, and the false principle that
godliness is gain, and they live it up to the hilt in practise.

And that's not my opinion, its a fact, as I have seen it and heard it so often that it remains with me til this day.

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That bad and even worse
Posted on November 7, 2006 Posted by E********

Over the last 17 years here in France I have been in fairly close
contact with three different mission boards. One was affiliated with
the GB C***** Church, another with the RF Church, and another more
independant mission board not tied directly to any denomination.

As a general rule I found them all to be *******.
There is a lot of internal infighting for position or funds.
There is also a lot of lying to supporters back home.
There is a lot of hypocrisy and a huge difference between what they
claim to be doing and what they really do.

Sincere little people are trampled by insincere big shots.
What's more, one of these mission boards was infiltrated by P****
K*****s and a lot of damage was done in several local churches before
this became fully exposed.

And to put the cherry on the cake. That same mission board also has
close ties to a thinly disguised CIA cover operation that invades and
tries to control churches in France created by American churches (End of Excerpt)

So churches can be dangerous and non Christian even though a few can be sincere and worthy of attendance if they inspire.But
watch out as they can also be very dangerous as jesus told us. (SEE
Why Churches can be dangerous)

Love in Jesus's real Church


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