David Jay Jordan's
Prophecy 1
Prophecy 2
Bible Mysteries 1
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Jesus returns at the
Battle of Armageddon
Babylon the Whore
Our Names are written in Stone
Zechariah 10... the Nail
New School of Prophets
Who will you follow ?
End-time Sure Mercies of David
New Jerusalem is a Crystal Pyramid
We are Not Anarchists
Thousands, Not Millions of Christians
Dreams and Visions
Prophecy is Positive not Negative
Prophecy is Commanding
She shall be called "Lord'
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First Resurrection
Moses' Prophecy against Israel
Hills shall sing & plants clap their hands
The Last Generation
Woman, Israel, and Moon Timeline
May 5th's Prophetic Implications
No Witnessing in the Tribulation
 ANTI-CHRIST Mysteries Board
Send Your Fire, Lord
Women Prophets
The Earth shall help us
God's Judgments and our Faith
We shall be called 'Devils'
Prophetic 'Bride of Christ' in O.T.
Calling on the Sacred Name
New Moon, Equinox Coming of the Lord
Sealed by the Lord
The Lord's 'New Thing'
Parable of the Fig tree
Madhi, A.C. and the Koran
False prophets of Peace and Safety
Fear of God and Bravery
Last Gathering by Ezra
Women Warriors Poems
Church Blindness to prophecy
Ezekiel 34  -- Jesus not a servant
Not defiled by women
70 years of Moses and David