Shofar, the Phi Trumpet of Destruction
Ransomed of the Lord shall Return
Second Level
   Art by Pat Marvenko Smith  Copyrighted
And ye shall know the truth
and the truth shall set you free
            John 8:31
One sided War against Whore
Wars and Judgments
Faceless Hordes Imprisoned
Prophecy 1
Biblical Mysteries
Dreams  & Visions
Discussion Board
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Terrorism brings on Covenant
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Prophecy 3
Crossing the Jordan River
God's Wrath versus Man's Wrath
The Lord is angry till Judgment Day
God's Future Judgments and our Faith
Trumpets of Destruction seem Natural
David Jay Jordan's
Sword of the Lord at Bozrah
We shall fight and die
Tribulation before Rapture
Battle of Gog and Magog
No weapon shall prosper against us
Alien Invasion
Freeing the Prisoners
Fire breathing Prophets
Revelatory Battle Plans
Ransoming the Captives
Gathering the Wounded
Wounded Angels Dream
Lord loves Judgment
Destruction of Babylon
Timeline of End-Time Battles
Confirming Dreams
     Anti-Christ Prophecies
Disease, Plagues, & Prophecy
Ben's  - Hawaiian Earthquake & Mid-East  Serpent Dream
Gatekeeper's  -  Missiles over New York Dream
Trumpets of Tribulation
Lord's Encampment
End Time Encampment of the Lord
Harmonic Circle of Tribes
Ark and the Tabernacle
Banner, and ENSIGN over us
Star of David Seal
Triple Tau MARK of Beast