To study prophecy and learn from prophecy, you have to have a basic understanding of Jesus’ principles. And they are not
complicated nor are they theological nor semantic, they are down to earth precepts. They are your foundation, the rock upon
which you build your whole structure and framework of thinking and actions.

And the basic TWO PRINCIPLES are … EQUALITY and CHOICE. If you understand in your heart and mind through words
and experiences, that Equality is a fundamental principle of the Lord, you have a chance of understanding His Prophecy. And if
you add to Equality, a fundamental understanding that each of us has to choose the Lord and His actions of LOVE, then you have
the two cornerstones or pillars upon which all your temple can be built… EQUALITY and CHOICE.

If you don’t you shall utterly fail, and never be able to discern prophecy because you will get it wrong like the perverted
church system has gotten it wrong. You will get current events wrong, history wrong, the future wrong, and will make all the
wrong decisions in the present and in the future.

For when you believe in Equality, you know that men and women are equal, and that those that say differently have been
mislead. You know that Westerners and Easterners are all the same to the Lord. He doesn’t have favorites that are from any
country or nationality, regardless of how rich that country is in a worldly sense. He loves the rich and poor EQUALLY. This
seeming easy concept, the church system denies as their godliness is gain theology says that the richer a person is the more godly
they are. Yet using your standard of equality, you can then discern that their dogma of favoring the west and the rich is ungodly
and untrue. Are you catching it ?.  Using the standard of equality, you can learn to discern or judge principles or doctrines ?

If you hear that women brought sin into the world and should be submissive to men and their husbands. Take that doctrine to
your standard of equality and it fails and comes up short. So reject it, and stick with your proven principle of Equality. SEE
Equality not Patriarchy

Then when you hear or read about how the church system favors the worldly country of Israel, you can judge for yourself
whether this doctrine has merit. For it seems to violate the precept of Equality of all men, and that the Lord treats all men the
same. The church system saying, the Jews are special and chosen, and that is just the way the Lord is, end of discussion. But is it
so. NO, according to the precept of CHOICE which is in every Book of the Bible and the fundamental concept of all Christianity
and the thing the Lord demands of every person on Earth. No one has a free ride or special privileges. Everyone must choose
HIM to be chosen. Everyone must choose the CHOSEN ONE which is Jesus. There are no exceptions, there has never been any
exceptions. There is only one standard for all, and one set of rules for all. All must choose.

No tribe, no nationality, no country is sacrosanct and innocent and saintly. That’s common sense and is absolutely scriptural.
All countries are nothing to the Lord, and He just uses them to fulfill His Plan of Prophecy. A passport from Israel does not
certify godliness nor special privileges with the Lord. Blood lines mean absolutely nothing to the Lord. Your lineage is interesting
and got you here, but your parents do not dictate your life or your choices. You must choose. The Jews individually must choose
love and the Lord. Everyone must choose, everyone has the divine right and responsibility to make choices.

We all have to choose

Do you understand this pillar of strength and truth in your very being and soul, because if you don’t you will be swayed by
the overwhelming majority that either want to think they are special and elite, or those who want to get on the elite bandwagon
and be carried by this supposed elite group. SORRY, each individual must choose, no group, no nation, no church, no synagogue,
no political party, no tribal affiliation, no union, no marriage, no bloodlines, no parentage can get you to heaven, each individual
has to choose the Heavenly One…JESUS.

How simple it is, Choice and Equality. If you know these two principles, you have a good chance of understanding prophecy.

All the best in His Precepts of LOVE…
Equality and Choice.

In His Service

David and Trixie

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Equality and Choice
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