Prerequisites for Sexual Worship

Let's try and reason together what prerequisites must be present to incorporate sexuality into worship.

FIRST, before starting it has to be stated very specifically what we are worshipping. For HERE, we are not worshipping
sex, that is for swingers and the heathen, phallic worshippers, goddess worshippers, or even satanic worshippers who
hope to unite for power with their god.

But our worship is to the King of Kings, and Creator... Jesus.

So a prerequisite is having ALL and I mean ALL individually aware of who we are worshipping, who we are focusing in
on, who we are thinking of, dreaming of, who we are CALLING OUT to. For we are NOT calling out to any old spirit, or
any powerful spirit that comes along. NO, we are CALLING out only to the King of Kings and reject any and every other
spirit, beside Him. If He doesn't come in person, it matters not, we still praise Him, sing to Him, worship Him, undress
before our King or even make love as to Him in truth and sincerity. For it all comes down to SINCERITY and if members
participating are not sincere, then they are truly risking life and limb and thier very members. (just as with normal

For it is an awesome and fearful thing to approach unto the King. (SEE Book of Esther) and that's exactly what we are
doing in worshipping Him with no cover-ups, for if our hearts aren't right..... and He can instantly see through our facades
.... we can perish either then or thereafter. We are not playing games, and the Lord is not playing games.

If you want games, go to the liberated Christian swingers sites, where they look just for sexual pleasures in secret after
their open church attendance is unflawed. Yet HERE, our aim is honesty, real love and real acceptance of our brethren and
sisterhood in total equality.

For there is another absolute prerequisite. Everyone involved must believe in
EQUALITY. For if our men look down on
women as a mere submissive partner that must be dominated like the church folks, then they will limit us. This also
meaning that the vast majority of swinging men could never join in with us because of their atitudes against women and
their horrendous pride in their members or looks or experiences, etc... etc. Similarly, women can not have such an EGO as
to think they are God's gift to me, and flaunt themselves as if holier than thou because of their supposed beauty. because
all beauty comes from the Lord and no one has any gift that has not been giver to them.

And so there comes another hard to define and discern prerequisite.. HUMILITY. The only way any of us can unite and
become ONE, is if we are humble, believe in equality of all the genders and fearful and RESPECTFUL of the ONE that
created all of us.

But that humility can not mean we turn into goyum groupies without fiber and individuality. NO, we each have to know
ourselves and know what the Lord created in us individually. Know our gifts, now our talents, know our weaknesses, and
above all else, we each personnally intimiately have to KNOW the Lord before entering into sexual worship of HIM.

The word KNOW means sexual intimacy scripturially, and that is all we are trying to do, reach out and call out to our
LORD and MASTER.. Jeremiah 33: 3 Nothing is more godly, than calling out to Him in sincerity, and this also we must
absolutely KNOW.

For again, We all have to be
INDIVIDUALS, and have experienced true life individually and chosen individually the King
of Kings. He doesn't make us lifeless groupies without brains and intelligences and humour and gifts, but just the opposite.
To be successful we have to have INDIVIDUALS in the Lord, that bring their particular colour to His Palette, and then he
can melt us together.

To do this, it will take immense preparation of heart and soul, hopefully already realized by a lifetime no matter how short
of true life experiences. Nothing can replace our own personal experiences with HIM, for we can not be groupies with
group FAITH. It won't work, it can;t work. We each have to bring our
FAITH and FAITH ALONE. No one can have the faith for us, as only we can be personnally responsible for wehat
happens to us It is not for the young, but for the old and mature, and those that have been through the HELL of LIFES
TRIALS and just want to reach out to Heaven's DOOR.

And it will take COURAGE, to see what others can;t see and try what others are incapable of trying or doing.

Fear of the Lord

Can anyone think of other prerequisites ?  ( See Vic's Response Prerequisites for Sexual Worship Part 2 )




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