Falling Tears of Ecstacy

What is this moving inside me now
That stirs my soul to sacred vow?
To come to worship, to tell you how
Desire is burning my knees to bow

Stilled in breathless, awesome pose
Inside sighing for my Sharon Rose
Will you respond and wipe my tear
That falls in ecstasy because you're near?

Your beauty washes ashes, gives a garment of praise
Your brilliance dances over hands that are raised
My body trembles, as awesome vision arises
A radiance of glory, fills all my horizons

Blazing diadem is all that I'm seeing
As I am chastened to blend into your own being
Facets of holiness flash across my breath
Desperate repentance casting sin unto death

Every place around me becomes holy ground
The Spirit's presence brings that golden sound
The silent calm in which God can be found
This is the place where His love will abound.

Beyond My Reason

Jesus, lover of my soul and essential part
Of who I am and what fills my heart
Transport this child to some celestial height
Where the dance of angels will fill my sight

l hear your voice O Judah's Lion
Telling of the great golden City of Zion
Where sun nor moon will be shining bright
But the glory of God its brilliant light

I can see the One Upon the Throne
He holds my heart that once was stone
And tears fall down His lovely face
To mingle with mine like heavenly lace

Between His hands is a jar, exquisite and rare
My pain and sorrow contained in there
He holds the vessel with delicate care
Whilst His eyes melt all, in one compassionate stare

Lord, you love me far beyond my reason
With an intensity of feeling that has no season
But blows eternally through clouds of divinity
To surround and carry me into infinity.

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