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Pleiades is a very well known and sometimes venerated star cluster, but why. Why is it sometimes deemed the
cosmic center, or as us, Christians might say …… the place where the Lord resides before He establishes
His birthplace as His Headquarters for all the Universe. He establishing New Jerusalem on our Earth after His reign of
1,000 years.

Well, you might say, heaven is just a figure of speech not a real place. Yet I would say, He has to be somewhere
rather than floating on clouds in outer space. Sp why not Pleiades and its sweet influences.


The Future:
   Why were the ancients so impressed with the Pleiades? Key 106  tells us also that The Pleiades is the cradle and
the throne of our consciousness emphasizing that the program of Adamic life was created in connection with this
region of space. And that it is this region of space that will also signal the return of higher intelligence. The Key uses
the word throne (small Å“t) because it represents that place where the higher Hierarchies come together to balance
lower creation. There are, in fact, many throne regions, many logos realms of power, working for our spiritual
preparation.  The Pleiades, thus, is a throne center just as Orion is a gateway center.

    The Pleiades is, thus, a marker for the events of heavenly-earth contact and angelic-human overlap,  (end of

So why not consider the great possibility that Pleiades is where He and His Angels now reside. In Job 26, He says
the Pleiades has ˜sweet influences¦..and what sweeter influence is there than HIS INFLUENCE and His
overshadowing Holy Spirit.

Pleiades meaning seven sisters, six prominent stars while one is still there but having lost its brilliance. Yet does this
not conform to the true story about the seven archangels of the Lord, with Satan giving up his brightness for selfish
darkness when he rebelled against the Lord.

Does not the Lord say in Revelation, that He has seven stars in His right hand. Seven archangels and the place of
˜heaven at the present ¦.. Pleiades. Heaven has to be somewhere, so why not Pleiades.

I mean, when the Lord casts out the devil and his followers, they follow the downward ramp to Earth via the sacred
ramp inclination of the Christos Angle. Its employed within the Lords Pyramid at Giza, and before the Lords Temple
before the Tabernacle and Temple, so why would not the spiritual forces descend exactly along this angle or ramp
when descended to Earth. It happens exactly at the winter solstice, so why would not these dark forces be kicked
totally out of the heavenlies of Pleiades at exactly this time at exactly this angle of descent.


Our temple like HIS, is a phi pyramid¦. just as we ourselves are phi templated. So why not have seven stars
associated with His temple. The sides of the phi pyramid being exactly one seventh of a full circle. 360/7 = 51.41
degrees. Thats why the temple or pyramid is called virgin. Nothing can penetrate it, No number can pentetrate 7, it is
undivisable, and of course un-penetrate-able like a virgin that has never been penetrated.

Only the Bridegroom (Jesus) has that right to come into the Bride. And we are the multiple Bride of the Lord, and
New Jerusalem will be out Home.

For like, Isaiah 4 said ¦seven women will ask one man to be their husband and to take away their shame.

And within His temple below at Giza, the ramp to His Throne is through the Grand Gallery, up the Grand
Passageway, at a slope of 26.3 degrees, the same ramp angle as Pleiades has during the winter solstice months.

As above, so below Brethren. So know the stars, know the true principles of the Lord, and marvel at His Creative
abilities and truths.




Pleiades, Seven Virgin Sisters, and Sacred Geometry