David Jay Jordan's

                                 The Physics of "Falling in Love"

Because science and religion are connected, and true religion is true love or compassion from the Creator of everything, also
known as the Lord of Lords, let's explore the truths about FALLING IN LOVE, with Him and others
For if you have ever literally experienced the feeling of FALLING when in love, you literally sense a sinking sensation, a type
of falling inward, a compression of all your being downward or inward. So is there any connection here to what science is
finding out now and what does it mean to us spiritually, so we won't be afraid of 'Falling' towards our Maker?

According to the science of physics, falling happens because of gravity as we are drawn together by a larger mass and this force
is one of many that combine together into the
Unifying Force which scientists since Einstein have been searching for. Yet the
"Force that is with us" is obviously just the Force and POWER of the Creator Himself. For at energies above Plank levels or
the energies required for Creation of the macrocosm and the microcosm, the
Creator Himself would have to be involved and His
Power is beyond all power and is above Plank energies. Therefore, the Lord is the Unifying Force of the Universe. He is the
One FORCE that Einstein was looking for.

Anyway, back to gravity, because GRAVITY is the force that propels us together, it's a unifying force itself and it can be
expressed mathematically by

G = C^logN*Phi

Consequently Gravity is a function of C which is light speed constant and even Phi or the golden section. But wait a minute,
PHI or the Golden Section is the template by which are very bodies are designed (See
Made in His Image and Golden Section
and the Human Body classes). Therefore immediately we should be able to see that we can be affected more intimately by
gravity through our divine design.

And similarly, because the now standard and proven equation of ….  E = MC squared means that the speed of light squared
times mass equals Energy, or that the LORD's massive amount of Energy, can make the universe's small amount of mass
because it is multiplied by His pre-set speed of light, squared, without Him ever losing Energy. But now we know that there
are speeds beyond the speed of light. For below the speed of light, electrons or charges comprise the physical world we can see
and touch and feel, but once they get propelled or accelerated beyond the speed of light (at Phi harmonics). They or us no
longer have weight, for it no longer takes up space as is beyond time and into the spiritual dimension as stated in Revelations,
'where time will be no more'. We shall be in the Eternal dimension of the King of Kings Himself.

O.K. so let's now look at the physics of sacred geometry through the words of Dan Winter, the scientist that successfully
predicted that light speeds beyond C or the speed limit of light in our dimension, would be at Phi (or 1.618 multiples or
harmonics), for he said (see Danwinter.com). My thoughts will be in parenthesis (….)

Because self re-entry is golden, this is the only trace which makes compression possible. (The only way to fractionalize down
to a single point compression is through golden section spiraling) As you are re-entering the tornado's (spiraling) narrowing
gyre, you finished Einstein's puzzle, noting that not only was GRAVITY indistinguishable from acceleration…So gravity is
indistinguishable from ACCELERATION made possible by perfect compression which is defined by PHI the Golden Mean.
Therefore PHI compression among waves produces gravity. Gravity like the WIND sucked into a twister (or the Lord's
whirlwind) is recursion's permission to compress charge..for the Golden mean spiral happens to be the only angle at which a
wave can re-enter itself, without destroying itself.


In other words, as wave science now knows, only a
Golden Mean Spiral, or the wave mechanics of our Golden sectioned
bodies can create a wave that will NOT DESTROY itself. And these waves will not cause destruction when they meet and will
be able to FALL into a single point into a perfect hole or particle accelerator to beyond light speed and into the spirit world.
And this love wave is shareable because it retains its qualities which can be shared with others. And it retains it's consciousness
or memory because it will not be destroyed because love itself cannot be destroyed
And the only way we can configure real love is through allowing the Lord to give us real love. This love is without fear and
without resistance where we love someone else more than we love ourselves just as He loved us before we loved Him, for He
gave up His live for us.

So with this kind of love in our hearts and with His geometric shapes aligned in our hearts, we LITERALLY won't have fear of
Falling in LOVE. For in physics and wave science, friction is resistance and friction slows us down and causes heat, and
prevents our waves of emotion and love from forming perfect Golden section spirals. For if we don't let go and trust we can't
Fall in LOVE with the LORD and tunnel beyond light speed into His realm.

In His Scientific Service

David Jay Jordan