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                                                Phi Spiral of Planets

In physics, everything spirals into being from the spirit world to the material world via a phi vortex. The Lord always uses this
template of his whether in creating huge galaxies in the microcosm, where stars are strewn along phi spirals, or whether in the
microcosm where sub atomics particles seemingly disappear into another dimension via this same phi spiral. (SEE
PHI Spiral of

But what you may not have known is that similarly within our own Solar System which is centered by our Sun, symbolic of the
SON  Jesus,  the planets are aligned along his vortex of creation in phi proportions as well. (SEE
Golden Section)

The planets are in elliptical orbits nevertheless using their mean distances from the Sun, we find that the Sun to each planet in
millions of miles, followed by their distance ratios is ..

Mercury   35.5         .382
Venus        55            .618
Earth         93          1.000
Mars        149          2.618

You should be able to see this on the graph, for the planets were set in position exactly by the Creator, and were not placed their by
accident or at random or without his creative Hand. (SEE
Creation not Evolution) And hence because they are at phi proportions to
each other, and because phi is an additive multiplicative expansion that brings power, it means that these planets can expand their
powers because of their positioning.

They can have more influence on our world than mere lights in the sky, especially if aligned so as to magnify their power together
Alignment and Lasers and Crystal Star Alignment ) And amazingly with a phi spiral, at every 45 degrees the spiral gets a
distance of 1.272 times as far from the central vortex point. And so at these four cross points our Solar System created by the Son,
makes a Phi Pyramid. Its height being the square root of phi, 1.272, and its base being 2, making a slope of exactly phi or 1.618.
(SEE Graphics below)

Therefore the Capstone of our Solar System is the Sun, or Son from where all light radiates originates. He is the light of the world,
and the center of all things. As in the physical so in the spiritual, as above, so below. For with a phi pyramid just like His New
Jerusalem which will be placed upon the Earth, its capstone shall radiate to all the Universe (SEE
Phi Projection to the Stars).  He
can literally and physically and spiritually communicate to all His Stars instantaneously from His central headquarters here on
Earth. (SEE
New Jerusalem is a Phi Pyramid).

And hence even with the placement of the planets in our Solar System the Lord has strategically placed them at phi intervals in a
phi spiral around His SON/Sun. And furthermore with each exact placement made their diameters such that each would be musically
harmonic to Earth and to each other. (SEE
Music of the Spheres).

And if that isnt enough to convince you that, the Earth isnt a unique and special planet, where the One and Only Savior of the
Universe revealed Himself, then nothing surely will and you will be lost in space. Why, because the Earth is ˜
Center of Universe..
But if you are open minded enough and mathematical enough to use your God given brains or spirituality to figure that the Lord is
the Creator. THEN  you will see and understand our part in the whole Grand Scheme of the Universe.

For even we have this
'Beautiful template of Life' called the ˜Golden Section incorporated into our heavenly bodies design. As
above, so below ¦as in heaven and the heavenlies so here on EARTH in us.

In His Heavenly Service