Which is the most Beautiful Rectangle ?
Yes, us, humans will normally and naturally
select a golden rectangle as the most beautiful
rectangle and most appealing because we also are
created using its template from the Lord of Lords.
We, in essense appreciate our roots.
This is called a 'Golden Rectangle because its the
shortest side is 1 in proportion to its longest side
which is 1.618 also known as the Golden section
or PHI
         Spiral Creation of Life
Can you see the golden triangle I have graphically
drawn below in red. Iif you look closely, you will
notice that it spiralled from smaller ones, and is
spiralling clockwise into being, each blue dot a 'phi'
multiplication or magnification further from the center
of Creation, which is of course the Creator of All
Sub-atomic particles up thru whole
galaxies spiral into being using this
pathway of the Lord, or spiral back into
the spiritual demension by going the other
way, as in the tunnel of light accelerator,
experienced in After-death experiences
Aren't the pathways of the Lord 'beautiful' For
He has even given us physical examples of this
in Nature, that He created through the Holy
Spirit which is Feminine. Just look at the Ran's
Horn or the Nautilius sea shell. And I'll try to
find some pics of these and of galaxies spirals
and post them  Til then keep spinning ... in His
and Her Direction.
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