David Jay Jordan's

Phi Spiraling of Giza Pyramid
                                          (16-16.5 hertz to 33 hertz)
Because the Giza Pyramid was phi portioned and designed to incorporate
the power of the Earth as a connector to the Heavens, let’s consider this
theory as to how it was done scientifically and spiritually (in my opinion).

For firstly it is reported that the Kings Chamber within the Pyramid hums to a frequency of 16 hertz as reported by Ted Danley.
This being the lower limit of human hearing. And yet at capstone level this frequency has jumped to 32,768 hertz, 2 to the 11th
times as high, as if it has spiraled or accelerated as a binary crystal.

       2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 – 64 – 128 – 256 – 512 – 1024 – 2048 – 4096 - 8192 – 16384 – 32768

            16 x 2^11 = 32768

This also agreeing with the research of, where they have measured the gravitational wave … it also agreeing with Ted Danley, that
the Pyramid can have a 16 hertz wavelength.

But the pyramid is more than just connected to the Earth and its gravity as it was suppose to elevate and resurrect in a sense the
initiate placed within the Kings Chamber beyond gravity and beyond death into the spirit realm. And so the pyramids tone at rest
would have to be activated and taken to a higher short lived energized state, just as a laser beam energizes all its ruby atoms to a
higher state in order to get them aligned and powerful. Hence it would seem that the crystaline pyramid would also have to get
energized above 16 hertz before it would be operational….and functional. But how would this be done ?

Well it is said by Ted Danley that F # has the note struck by the ancient Egyptians in bringing to life their crystal pyramid, and it
is this very  chord that he measured within  the confines of the Kings Chamber, where the magicians of the past performed their
secretive rites. This being why Lui in his studies believes that F sharp is the fount and middle point of all the notes of music.

But wait a minute you might be saying, what is this hocus pocus in going from a structural frequencies that can be measured to
music, as if mere notes could change or even turn on the electrical systems of a dead stone structure. Well, the simple answer is
that the pyramid stones are not dead but are alive in that their resonant frequencies are related directly to their atomic essense, as
created by the Creator himself. And so they are not dead but alive, and so if those within its structures knew its basic note and
knew how to activate it and it s phi power of projection, (SEE
Phi Projection to the Stars) then they could use it to take the Earthâ
€™s note of 16 hertz and magnify it to the stars against gravity and into the spiritual dimension. Does that make some sense to
you now ?

So what is the frequency of an activated crystal ……… an activated crystal pyramid ? The answer …..
33 hertz This being just
one hertz higher than the binary 32 hertz octave just one step above the basic 16 hertz. And how did it get to this activated state,
well we just went over that as a chord of F# could vibrate into the stones around the King’s Chamber and energize them to
this higher state.

Especially if the “Key of the Creator F sharp� was used in pronouncing the Lord of Creation’s Name. Why, because it
is said in esoterics and the Bible, that the Lord’s Name is all-powerful literally …. And all magicians of any worth even dark
side ones have had to call on His Sacred Name for power and protection. The question again is WHY, well it is said that his Name
created all things and therefore by His design all things must obey his commands through His Name. But that might be a bit too
spiritual for you to understand, nevertheless all that is needed to know is that this vocalization and sound within the King’s
Chamber has to be exact in tone and speech and heart waves of faith to activate the Chamber. (SEE
Heart Voice Link) And it is for
this reason that the dark side can’t fake the love and heart needed, whether in smaller versions of phi temples like ourselves
Phi Graphics) or the Lord’s much larger phi Temple called His Eternal City .. New Jerusalem.

But let’s go over more of the possible mathematical and musical truths, because they absolutely have to be present for the
Great Pyramid to be powerful and harmonic to the EARTH itself.

SEE 3 Spirals of the Earth to 33 Hertz
and Consider '
The Great Pyramid of the Lord Prophecy'

Wasn't and isn't the Lord's Pyramid amazing in Design ?

David Jay Jordan