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                                        Phi Pyramids Project to the Stars

   Why are pyramids so important and why do they have power ? Well the answer is according to their shape and composition and according to the stars and
geometry and the phi-ratio's of life. Whew, that's quite the answer and seems a bit mystical and more like 'double speak' than science, but if we break it
down step by step, surely we can figure out, how the stars and astrology, and astronomy, are related to what's been built here on Earth namely 'phi
pyramids' and why they are such a go-between connecting the Heavens with the Earth.

So first let's take geometry, and let you visually see why a phi-pyramid can project space or three dimensions onto its two dimensional sides and then
afterwards we can try and go over the why's and wherefore's and implications. And therefore if truly interested go half ways down this hyper LINK to the
Great Pyramid of Giza Pyramid and look at the graphics under the heading called 'Golden Section' because 'Golden Section' is just another name for the
mathematical divine ratio, PHI.

Alright having seen this visually, you can start to understand that as it says, 'Each flat face of the Pyramid was designed to represent one curved quarter of
the northern hemisphere, or spherical quadrant of 90 degrees. To project a spherical quadrant onto a flat triangle correctly, the arc, or base, of the quadrant
must be the same length as the base of the triangle, and both must have the same height. This happens to be the case only with a cross section or meridian
bisection of the Great Pyramid, whose slope angle gives the pi relation between height and base."

And I also have tried to illustrate this principle on the three consecutive graphics starting at the '
Golden Section, Pyramids and the Human Body' which
also explains how we are designed by the Lord using Phi ratio's of life. Or in words you can read this explanation on the Golden Section or
Phi Class.
In other words, a phi-pyramid because of its special shape and geometry can have the locations of the stars project onto its surface their exact locations at
that time. And seeing stars move and align, then it means the pattern changes with time. And if the stars actually have power as the Bible eludes to and as
the ancients thought, then this heavenly power would vary at times according to the stars and their positions and alignments. And if you look at this
conversely, if the stars can project onto the sides of the pyramid and resonant within, then why wouldn't the reverse be true that those within, let's say
within the '
Sacrophagus' within the King's Chamber also be able to project outwards and be a type of vehicle to the stars. So surely, this is why the
Egyptians who were helped in '
Building the Great Pyramid' used it as not a mere burial tomb, but a supposed reincarnation tomb to try and project the souls
of their priesthood and Pharoahs into the spirit world and into eternity.

For again the meticulous aligning of the Great Pyramid to the four directions, N.S.E.W. is not by coincidence but for specific purposes. And the aligning of
its air passage ways and descending chamber to the stars is not by chance, but by design. For even the whole layout of the Giza plateau pyramids is aligned
to the stars. Why, because the stars or spiritual forces were directly linked to the power of Giza, and the power they were trying to control, and yet they
never capped their construction because they didn't have the true
Capstone, the stone which the builders rejected, Jesus.

But normally and naturally you might be wondering how and why, I bring Jesus into this discussion and explanation. Well that's simple as
Jesus is the
Creator, and as the Creator used the Phi template consistently in His Creation of not just the Earth but the stars and all the Universe, via design and not
through evolution and luck and chance. (SEE
Creation and Science Boards). Matter of fact, He also created us using this template, 'In His Image' which
means we can be affected by phi and its star vibrations and power as well.

For isn't it true that the Lord's Eternal home '
New Jerusalem is also a Phi-Pyramid'. And seeing He will be placing it here on Earth for Eternity, isnt this
why the Earth is special and the '
Center of the Universe'. For its from here on Earth within His Pyramid of Power that He will project his truths to all the
stars of heaven, and they shall project back their light in communication to Him, and to His Glory.   And as the Prophet Daniel was told, the time of
Revelation was not in His Day, but now in the Last Days, and as Isaiah the prophet said, 'Arise and shine for thy light is come'

Dan 12:3-4
                         And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the
                         firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as
                         the stars for ever and ever.
                         But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the
                         book, even to the time of the end:

So maybe this gives us a clue as to why a study of the stars is important, for their placement isn't by chance but also by design. (SEE Messianic Story
written in the stars) And a study of astronomy and 'Astrology' if acknowledging the King of Kings Power and Authority is not satanic but heavenly. For
again as the Great psalmist wrote, 'the heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth his handiwork'. Praise God !!

In My Opinion from His Scriptures and His Science

David Jay Jordan
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