David Jay Jordan

                       Pentagrammaton and 444

Because there was 111 lunatations around Chartres and the Templars put them there because they knew some of the 'Mysteries of
the Lord', let's see if there is some confirming geometry and confirming spiritual co-relations with
111.  And if we go directly to the
most sacred of all words, the Pentagrammaton, then maybe the secret lies within. Why, because the Pentagrammaton is the FIVE
lettered Name of the Lord, that adds the Spirit (SHIN)  to the FOUR Lettered sacred Name of the Lord, known as the
Tetragrammaton. (Consider
Vibrating Vowels of YHWH )

The exact pronounciation of the holyTetragrammaton was known only by the High priest and a few others, and yet in its writing it
is YHWH. This composes the sacred triangle as it unfolds from top to bottom of Y, YH, YHW, YHWH .. SEE Diagram below, and
subsituting the numeric value of these letters when added together, you get the
Great Number 72 (SEE also Magic ratios)

                        ( Hebrew is read left to right with Y=10, H=5, W=6   .... Total  = 72  )

But the Star of David is composed of two of these intertwined equilateral triangles, as if they are sexually coupled together. (SEE
Sexy Star of David) So now we have a total of let's say, 72 for the male triangle and 72 for the female triangle....... and when we add
Shin, the Hebrew letter for Spirit , right in the very center of the Lord's most sacred name, we have a focus point. Or an electrical
point from which the magic of the piezoelectric effect of creating matter from spirit can emanate. And when this is done graphically
(SEE Below) then by addition of 300 which is the alphanumeric value of SHIN, then the grand total becomes 72 + 72 + 300 = 444.
And from this, it is easy to see that 111 times four equals 444, and there is correlation of 111 to the Lord's Name in my opinion

And yet such geometry  so sacred that if held in the hands of unbelievers or deceivers it is a curse to them rather than a blessing. For
it is not to be handled by those not absolutely aligned to the Lord in heart and soul. This Solomon found out as well as many others.

And so the number of the Star of David with Spirit inside, could coincide with the sacred Pentagrammaton of Jesus, and be equal to
444. And 444 is a multiple of 111 and 111 matches with the number of lunatations at Chartres in France. So maybe this is why the
gematria of the Name of Jesus is 888, which is twice 444 and eight times 111. SEE
Gematria of Jesus And when you consider that
Lord's Fine Structure Constant, the boundary between flesh and spirit in the atomic realm is 37 and when timed by three (the
number of the Trinity) it also equals 111. (SEE
108-109-110-111 Hertz) Then maybe there is a connection between Jesus, the Great
Pentagrammaton, and 111, 444, and 888 hertz and the Temple of Chartres.

In My Opinion


                    H            Y

              W          H           Y

         H            W          H         Y
         Total 72 + 72 + 300 = 444
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