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                                                       The Pendulum

                        11  -  'Templar'  Temple Mysteries

In Umberto Eco's, Foucault Pendulum it talks about the pendulum strung from the domed ceiling of many of the Templars
Temples. And it is said that the world revolves around the pendulum, but how can that be ?  They have a '
Star of David' usually
on the floor of these sacred areas, pointing directly to the center or piezoelectric gap of the hexagonal star. SEE Below

So with this sacred circle under a sacred dome of protection, '
Rituals' of prayer and power could be done in private, with twelve
around a central pivot or person. As the 13th or center better be aligned to the true leader, the Lord of Lords (12 plus 1 = 13). or
13 is very unlucky and impotent or dangerous.

This was the layout of the
Encampment of the Lord and so in small scale and in ratio, then this Templar copy of the true could
be powerful. (SEE
12 Tribe Alignment ).

And so if the priest stood in the center, with his sacred 5 star design also called the
golden section or phi, then the vertical and
the horizontal planes would be balanced as in the "Formee Cross". And because the 6 of the hexagon and the 5 of the pentagon
star add up to
11, then such an alignment based on the truths 'above and below' and in all the Universe could make them link to
Creator .... and hence have literal power.

And hence make the Earth stand still, just
as Joshua's prayers did ... and make the
pendulum stop and time stop.

More later