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                                                 Pearly Gates of Virgin Temple

New Jerusalem  is called the Bride of Christ, as the Lord will live INSIDE of her, and be in the midst of her...  and only us that love
Him will be able to enter in through her gates. These twelve gates representing the 12 Tribes of Spiritual Israel, each gate
representing their entry point of the Bride, their female genitalia or more specifically her pussy. (SEE
Pearly Gates are pussies)..
And hence like in sacred geometry and sacred architecture, these portals to the paradise within are shaped like a vesica pisces or
female genitalia shape.

For when you study 'sacred geometry' all it does is show the geometric progression of the Lord's Creation from ONE to MANY. One
is the Lord, - a point, two is = a line, three - a triangle, four - a square, five = a pentagon, six - a hexagon, seven - a septagon ....and

But studying SEVEN, one of its amazing properties is that a septagon or seven sided polygon, makes angles of 360 degrees divided
by 7 which makes an angle of 51.43 degrees. ((And SEVEN as you might know from scriptures is the Lord's NUMBER, as He
consistently uses it to denote His week, the number of His angels, the Number of Trumpets and Vials in the End Time, the number of
candles in His Candlestick, and more and more.)) And 51.43 degrees is the side angle of the Giza Pyramid, which is a minature
model of New Jerusalem. These being
PHI or GOLDEN SECTIONED PHI Pyramids. SEE Graphics below...
And  it  is for this very reason that in sacred geomtery they call a PHI Pyramid of POWER, uneneterable ... as 7 creates this
geometry of power. Why because 7 is a Prime Number and is divisable by no other number, its unenterable, a virgin. And as the
Bride of Christ, this Virgin Temple of Love is also unenterable by any one except Her Lord and those that love the HER LORD and
LOVER. Her virginal gates are OPEN day and night ONLY to those that have the seal of Her Lord on their forehead and in their

If you want entry into this Holy Temple of Eternity, you must receive Him ... and LOVE