Lets look at what Paul wrote concerning obedience to our worldly governments. Because no where in Jesus life, does it seem
He told us to be 'nationalistic' to the country in which we were born or to a country that we esteem as 'holy and righteous.'.
Jesus just said 'obey their laws and pay your taxes. WE are to obey the laws of the land, unless they absolutely go against the
WORD OF GOD and LOVE. This because our ultimate obedience is to the Lord.

When the disciples of the Lord were told not to witness, they disobeyed local authorities and went on witnessing about His
LOVE and LIFE. And all they could say when caught was, 'We ought to obey God rather than men' They weren't hurting anyone,
they were just spreading the love of God. They weren't killing or harming anyone, they were just spreading the love of God.

They didn't favor Democrats or Republicans, Liberals or Conservatives, they just favored the Lord and LOVE. They weren't
Westerners or Easterners, 1st world or 3rd world proponents,Capitalists or Communists ...... they didn't follow a certain nation
or nationalistic philosophy. They favored all men and all races and all genders, and all freedoms in equality and justice.

They didn't say like Paul, that women brought sin into the world, or that widows should be kept out of the assembly because
they might grab a 'married man' They didn't say that one group was favoured over all others, and that the Jewish people were
not to be witnessed to, because they were special and superior. The early Christians witnessed love to all mankind, whether to
their fellow Jewish people, the Samaratans, or the new power, the Romans.

It wasn't a Roman church system they built, it was a non political love system of love based on JESUS, the Messiah and ever
living Saviour. That only all started later when the Roman Emperor saw a Christian vision to conquer (militarily), and then
declared that Christianity was the new mandatory state religion. Then politics entered Christianity and much of it was based on
what political Jewish minded Paul had written earlier. But Jesus never wanted to favor the nationalism and pride the Romans
had in their nation, or did the Lord want his people to favor a worldly country in the Mid East called Israel. The Lord built a new
nation with new loving principle based on His LOVE and individual obedience to His precepts and laws of love.

For you must remember that Paul never directly talked with or meet the Lord, and was deeply entrenched into laws and law
keeping and the Jewish culture. He never got over it, and so passed on his authoritarian principles into his writings to the

For in truth, Jesus via His death, broke all authoritarian rule, that shackled the people from communicating to the Lord and
obeying the Lord. Why, because the Lord sent the Holy Spirit, so as to give us a literal one on one personal connection with
HIM. His Spirit was and is our teacher and ever present guide...... we might have some degree of organization in our
communes or churches or home, but everyone of us individually had to be responsible to HIM, because He had a
communication system based on us as individuals and not through some man made hierarchy.
Paul promoted Nationalism
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